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Ana, the 6th Overwatch hero to enter the Nexus, went live today, available for everyone to purchase and play in the current Heroes of the Storm build. If you can stand searching a game for 20 minutes, that is.




Shrike (Trait):

Basic Attacks apply a Dose to non-Structure enemies, dealing additional damage over 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.


Healing Dart (Q):

Cooldown: 2 seconds, Mana: 15

Fire a dart which heals the first allied Hero hit for a large amount of Health.




Biotic Grenade (W):

Cooldown: 16 seconds, Mana: 50

Toss a Grenade at the target area. Allied Heroes hit are healed and receive 25% increased healing for 4 seconds. Enemies hit take a small amount of damage and receive 100% less healing for 2 seconds.



Sleep Dart (E):

Cooldown: 14 seconds, Mana: 50

Fire a dart that puts the first enemy Hero hit to Sleep, rendering them unable to act for 3 seconds. Sleep’s effects end instantly if the target takes damage after the first 0.5 seconds.




Nano Boost (Heroic):

Cooldown: 50 seconds, Mana: 40

Instantly boost an allied Hero, restoring Mana. For the next 8 seconds, they gain 30% Spell Power and their Basic Ability cooldowns recharge 150% faster.



Eye of Horus (Heroic):

Cooldown: 60 seconds, Mana: 75

Take up a sniping position, gaining the ability to fire up to 8 specialized rounds with global range. Rounds hit the first allied or enemy Hero or enemy Structure in their path. Allies are healed and enemies are damaged. Deals 50% less damage to Structures. Ana is unable to move while Eye of Horus is active.



Skins & Cosmetics

Ana enters the Nexus with her base and Shrike skin, including numerous colour variations.


Base colour variations



Portait rewards for reaching Herolevel 5 and 15


Taunt & Dance




Ana’s playstyle is a very unique one. The idea of her kit is high skill, high reward. In Teamfights she needs to take care of various aspects and variables that apply to her current situation and adapt her positioning according to that. She is super squishy and has no mobility, meaning she will need to position very carefully behind her frontliners, while still being able to shoot out Healing Darts at every single member of her team, because they do not pierce their target without having finished the fitting Level 1 quest talent.

Because of these reasons I place her at a very high difficulty rating. To be able to play her properly you need to have a good understanding of the game and be able to observe and analyze situations while still playing and providing support for your team at the same time. And then again, to be able to play her effectively you need to be good at landing skillshots and positioning yourself.


Strengths & Weaknesses


Ana excells at providing burst, single-target, healing for her team if she is able to land consistent Healing Darts. On the other hand, she is very vulnerable to CC or heroes that can dive her easily, so she needs to be passive and cautious. She also has a hard time healing more than one member of her team at the same time due to lack of AOE healing other than her Biotic Grenade.


Personal Opinion


In my opinion, Ana will be very good with a second healer at her side to provide AOE healing for the team due to her lack of exactly that. She is an incredibly fun hero to play and very rewarding if played properly. Nano Boost seems a bit weak in it’s current state and doesn’t work with that many team compositions, but Eye of Horus is more effective and way more fun anyways! You can offer support to your team in teamfights that you aren’t even attending to or even finish off low health targets in the enemy team that try to back off after a fight.

Did you play Heroes of the Storm before? Or are you maybe an Overwatch Ana main and are driven to try her out in this game now? Let me know!
One last thing, Heroes of the Storm has now one daily mission for Overwatch – “Play two games as an Overwatch Hero”

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