Hello, everybody! This article will examine the region of South America in Overwatch. I have embedded the world map so you can view the representation of the different continents in Overwatch. You can read part one here!

Image source: Original with thumbnails from Blizzard 







 Image source: Blizzard

(Brazil, Male, Occupation: DJ, Age: 26)

Lúcio: Lúcio is a Support character, and is the only hero in the game hailing from South America. He comes from Brazil and in his lore, we learn that he grew up in the poverty of the favelas. He represents the South American country mainly by addressing its major problem, poverty. In his backstory, it is said that since he was little he liked helping people and cheering them up (this can be seen in his role as support). Thanks to this, he started performing on the streets to brighten up the citizens; This has some semblance to the situation that Brazil is currently experiencing, in which children are forced to work because of the lack of resources. Overwatch shows a world Lúcio enjoys because he is creating and sharing music but in the real world, children are forced to do far worse things. Lúcio is not merely the representation itself of the music and the upbeat attitude that Brazil embellishes. Lucio strives for freedom in his country (as heard in his line when playing on Numbani) and that is what the developers may want us to understand. Every country deserves both to be heard and to have any kind of heroes. 


Further representation of Brazil in Lúcio are the colours he sports on his original skin (green, blue and yellow) which are the colours of the Brazilian flag. Other easter eggs to the country are:

  • The names of the alternative colours of Lúcio’s skins are in Portuguese.
  • One of his emotes is called Capoeira. In the dance, he can be seen some swift moves reminiscent of the Brazilian martial art of the same name.

Lúcio helps us understand the situation of his culture thanks to his expansive lore and brings further representation in the game thanks to his history, teaching us that anybody can be a hero. 




Estádio das Rãs: Not much is known about this map in terms of lore. It was added as a special map for the Summer Games event. It is unknown if it will remain as a map later on, mainly because it is adapted only for the special brawl called Lúcioball. From what it can be seen it looks that the stadium is located on the Brazilian area where the Vishkar Corporation created the buildings. It was a nice touch towards inclusivity, but was it enough to represent Brazil as well as other areas?


 And that’s it. There are no other maps from South America.



Lúcio is currently a well-developed character that helps represent Brazil both by its rights and wrongs, so not much could be changed beyond having more heroes.


Estádio das Rãs is a map located on the coast of Brazil, but it does not show us the culture as well as other maps such as Dorado or Hanamura. 


How can South America be represented further?




Brazil is shown in one of the comics that Blizzard has published called “A Better World” (Blizzard, May 2016). The comic expands on the lore of both Lúcio and Symmetra. A map within Brazilian territory could be implemented in a similar way to Dorado; thanks to its backstory, it is not impossible to imagine an Escort map that starts on the poor side of the Brazilian capital and ends on the new building built by the Vishkar Corporation. The Vishkar Corporation is an Indian enterprise who develops different projects, one of those is a school in which kids learn to bend light in order to create different strucutres, Symmetra was recruted by this corporation, and when sent to Brazil she helped to secure the deal in order to build modern apartments for the people in Brazil. Some of these buildings can be seen on the Lúcioball map so one can envisage a future map incorporating these elements. This would provide an insight into the culture in the world and it would allow some backstory on how the Omnic Crisis affected the South American continent and how globalisation works in the world of Overwatch.







Peru is a South American country that houses one of the most impressive monuments in the world, Machu Picchu. Perhaps a King of the Hill map could be created using this locale. Taking place in different parts of a town, it could offer some information on what happens to most of the South American cultures whom still worship old gods. Nowadays Machu Picchu is an important landmark and it would be interesting to see how does the Overwatch world differ to ours. Nepal is constructed in a similar way, in that it represents the home of tibetan monks and Machu Picchu could do the same with the Southern American cultures.

(Sketch of how a map could work)


As seen on the rough sketch above, the city of Machu Picchu is almost symmetrical from both sides, making it a perfect objective for a King of the Hill. This represent the Peruvian country by showing the world their lineage and how important and rich it is.



One of the islands claimed by Chile is the Easter Island in which gigantic statues are edified representing the Moai. This island is positioned in the middle of the South American and Australian continent. In a similar fasion to Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a hybrid map could be created taking place, first, in a village. The team would have to capture a point near the the Moai, where a transport is ready for an ariki, a high class member of the village, who needs to be transported in order to speak against the Omnic Rights. The attacking team needs to transport the ariki through the remains of the village and into the remains of the old Pacific Watchpoint. This map would help represent the pacific cultures and their rites, their relationship with nature and how they adapted to the changing world.





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