Name: Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Type: Escort

Location: The Rock of Gibraltar

Easter Eggs: In Winston’s lab, there is a blackboard that says “Winston’s to-do list!”

  • Before the March 8, 2016 patch, a few monitors displayed messages from Athena trying to contact Winston. After the patch, they now display Athena’s logo. The patch also added a large hole in the window within Winston’s lab. This was made to match with the animated short, Recall.
  • Within the crew quarters are a set of lockers, each with a name stenciled along their bottom: Bowden, Sparks, Pinto, Rogers, Klevstav, Klimas, and Eulaers. Some of these are direct nods to the environment team for Overwatch: Helder Pinto, Dion Rogers, Philip Klevestav, Andrew Klimas, and Bram Eulaers. Lee Sparks is the Senior Game Producer.
  • A poster of Genji is above one of the beds.