The Objective

Welcome to the Objective

We are both a new Overwatch site and not so new. Once flying under the helm of Omnic Core, the brand transferred owners so that its original founder, Fey, could pursue other opportunities. We are grateful for everything that Fey has done. Under new management, we have spent the last several weeks diligently putting together a whole new look for Omnic Core. This new look required a new name and identity and so The Objective came to be.

Our goals are the same: to provide Overwatch related news and content to visitors. We have taken it a step further though. We’ve added new features such as the Athena bot to our Discord so our community has easier access to our tweets, a database for the new version of the site featuring information on heroes, maps, and the various brawls in the Arcade. Overwatch news and eSports have both been moved to their own separate pages. Further additions include following blue posts and posting relevant ones to the front page, similar to what mmo-champions does. We currently don’t have our own Blue Tracker so we’re making use of Overstalk for the time being to gather that data. (Don’t worry; we are manually gathering this data!)

The Objective was built with usability in mind. As such it is fully responsive and built on a framework to allow for easier updating to its design. This is great as there are plans to add more data to each of the hero pages and to create a podcast in the future. Don’t be surprised if see you content being added, moved around, and basically being changed in the upcoming weeks. Bugs are still abound and they’re being crushed!

We hope that you like the new look and that you’ll continue to support us on this road. The last of our giveaways start soon so get ready!

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Editor-in-Chief and Front End Web Developer here at The Objective. Primary roles are keeping the gears turning with fellow contributors and maintaining website maintenance and upkeep. Please report any article errors or website problems via Twitter.