Yesterday, Terry Crews gave a teaser to fans that he had a big announcement coming at this year’s E3, and strongly hints that we already know what it is. Crews says in his Facebook live video at around the 8:30 onward: “I got a major surprise coming at E3… You all know what’s going on.”

         Source: Terry Crews / Facebook

Many are speculating that Crews is referring to Doomfist, a hero rumoured to be in development for quite some time, and a hero who Crews has expressed interest in voicing. There are many pieces of evidence to support the theory that he is in fact playing the role of Doomfist, such as making several appearances at Blizzard, as well as supporting the idea of playing the character on social media after fans suggested that he’d suit the role well, most likely from his appearance in Old Spice Adverts in the past.

You can watch the Facebook video here.

Jamie Shaw
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