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Of Pigs and.. Scientists – More PTR Updates Coming!

Agents! We bring fresh news on future patchnotes for the PTR! According to a post on the Battle.net forums by Principal Designer Geoff Goodman, we will be seeing another change to...
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Ability Sensitivity Settings – R.I.P. Boostio?

Agents of Overwatch! I have assembled you today to spread the news of the new ability sensitivity setting launched on the PTR. Abilities affected by these changes are as follows: Ana’s...
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When is it best to play your placement matches for a new season?

Day one? Within the first week? Spread throughout the first two week? Beyond that?

Why Junkenstein’s Revenge Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Who's going to deny Dr Jamison Junkenstein his revenge?

You Be You, I’ll Be Support – Live Meta

A few weeks after launch, let's see how it pans out.

The Difference Between the Overwatch and CS:GO Communities

Moving between the two is like culture shock.

Will Sombra Be Used for All Future Hero Reveals?

Will Sombra be a tool rather than a playable character?

Stealth, Intelligence, Apotheosis: A Sombra Discussion

The Sombra hype is here, and has been for a while, but let's think and discuss who she could possibly be ... or what.

What a Wonderful World – Episode 2: South America

Analyzing Overwatch's use of one of the worlds largest continents.

The Future of Overwatch

What to expect long after Overwatch's release.