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Your Heart’s the Objective, Valentine!

Merry Christmas! No… wait, that’s December. Happy Lunar New Year? That can’t be right, the event just ended. Oh… today’s Valentine’s Day! Today, @PlayOverwatch is giving out cute cards and greetings to...
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‘Tis the Season: Widowmaker Edition

Widowmaker made a scene in this arms- er, loot race!

Artist Spotlight – Ben Lo

A while ago I came accross two pieces of Overwatch fanart that I absolutely loved, and I recently got the chance to talk to the man who forged them. Ben...
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Interview: Kitty of Team France

We got to sit down and talk with Team France's support player, Kitty.

Exclusive Genji Loot Available via HotS

Play fifteen games of Heroes of the Storm to get a new Genji skin!

Experience The Sounds Of Overwatch

Taking a look at one of the community remixes and how it perfectly portrays Overwatch

The Difference Between the Overwatch and CS:GO Communities

Moving between the two is like culture shock.

Interview with Vox, the Cosplaying Shiba Inu

Omnic Core writer SeleBraid had a chance to sit down and talk with Taylor, the owner of Vox, the cosplaying Shiba Inu. They spoke about how the two met and...
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When Overwatch Meets Anime

You think Overwatch and Anime do great together? Get over here and take a look at what I've got for you.