The monthly StriveWire Brawl for Febuary 2017 has recently concluded, cuminating in a grand final between ex-REUNITED and GamersOrigin. ex-REUNITED, the team of Kruise, Vallutaja, Morte, Sharyk, Rubikon and uNFixed were recently dropped from the REUNITED organisation, which are ceasing all operations in Overwatch and Rocket League. GamersOrigin, on the other hand, made quite an impressive run for a relatively unheard of team, overcoming Sydioda, a top 10 team in Europe, and ex-Tornado ROX, also a top 10 european team. ex-Tornado ROX, like ex-REUNITED, have also lost their supporting organisation. Without any further preamble, let’s jump into the rundown of the grand final for the StriveWire Monthly Brawl of February 2017.


The first match in the best of 5 between ex-REUNITED and GamersOrigin was played on Lijiang Tower. The map starts on its Control Centre variant, with GamersOrigin running an initial team lineup of Genji, Soldier: 76, Winston, Sombra, Lucio and Tracer. This was an interesting initial lineup from GO, with the Sombra pick acting as a secondary healer by abusing the health packs near the point thanks to her Hack ability. On the opposing side, ex-REUNITED ran an almost identical lineup, opting for the Zenyatta pick over Sombra. From the get go it is clear how these teams plan to play into this map, with GO utilising the Sombra pick to remove additional resources from ex-REUNITED whereas ex-REUNITED chose the steady, 3 DPS comp that is rapidly becoming evident as one of the most competitive comps in this newest meta after the recent patch update, making good use of Zenyatta’s discord orb to further amplify the effectiveness of the flanking heroes played by both teams in this round.

The first capture of the point on Control Centre quickly turns to ex-REUNITED, with the dedicated healing zones of Sombra becoming less relevant as Vallutaja on Tracer quickly draws the attention of two of GO’s players away from the point, allowing unFixed to get a early pick on GO’s Winston, soon snowballing into the first capture for ex-REUNITED. However, a pick from GO onto Valutaja’s Tracer from Poko’s helix rocket as Soldier 76, followed up by a fairly unimpactful EMP from Sombra soon turns the point over to GamersOrigin, leaving ex-REUNITED with only 24% on the board. Vallutaja, having returned to the fight with a pulse bomb ready, proceeds to make immaculate use of Tracer’s mobility soon after GO’s point capture, contributing to picks on Sombra and Winston, as well as finishing off an out of position Poko on Soldier 76, effectively removing GamersOrigin’s DPS and leading ex-REUNITED to retaking the point, with GamersOrigin only having 28% on the board. After this fight, the Sombra pick is swapped for a Zenyatta, now making it so both team’s comps completely mirror one another. Whilst not seeming too impactful in the upcoming fight, GO managed to retake the point from ex-REUNITED, after the team seem to use both support ults without much effect. This however left ex-REUNITED with 95% on the board, posing the team to take the map after recapturing the point. They soon succeed, drawing GO’s attention far from the point with a quick pick on HYP’s Zenyatta, alongside Vallutaja on Tracer once again running rampart on GamersOrigin, leading to ex-REUNITED to winning the first point on Lijiuang Tower.

The second round of Lijiuang Tower, and the first game of the set between ex-REUNITED and GamersOrigin takes place at the Garden. ex-REUNITED featured a swap onto Ana from Zenyatta, whilst GamersOrigin chose to switch Leaf’s Genji for Pharah. This soon proves beneficial in the first capture of the point, as despite ex-REUNITED’s early pick on BenBest as Winston, Leaf’s Pharah runs house on the opposing backline, resulting in the initial capture of the point for GamersOrigin. ex-REUNITED make a failed push into GO’s defence before the highly effective combination of Ana and Soldier 76’s ultimates destroys four members of GamersOrigin, resulting in ex-REUNITED taking the point and with 66% on the board for GO. A failed push from GamersOrigin despite Leaf’s barrage as Pharah puts pressure on the squad, with ex-REUNITED’s score time on the point soon approaching their own. GO quickly recover however, taking the point through effective use of Poko’s Tactical Visor, leaving ex-REUNITED with 60% on the board. An intense fight follows, with ult after ult from both sides being used to aggress on either side. Despite taking multiple players from ex-REUNITED, GamersOrigin lose the point in overtime, leaving the squad with 99% on the board. An early pick from Leaf’s Pharah onto Morte’s Lucio sets up GO to retake the point, pushing the round into overtime once again and fighting a desperate battle against ex-REUNITED’s stragglers to secure the second round. After a brief battle, they succeed, winning the round and leaving the match at 1-1 between the two teams.

Night Market on Lijiuang Tower has Leaf switching back to Genji on the side of GamersOrigin and Rubikon switching back to Zenyatta from Ana, once again bringing the match to a mirror matchup. A scrappy fight between teams results in an early pick onto Leaf for ex-REUNITED, resulting in an initial capture for the team. Despite this, GO’s remaining players’ positioning near the point allows them to quickly pick off the weakened opposing squad, quickly retake the point and leaving ex-REUNITED with a mere 15% on the board. However, a unlucky pick onto Poko from Rubikon’s Zenyatta once again swings the point into ex-REUNITED’s favour, leaving GO with an even smaller score of 12% for themselves. Despite this, GamersOrigin return to the point to get pick after pick, removing ex-REUNITED one by one and retaking the point, leaving ex-REUNITED with 53% on the board. Despite an early pick onto Kruise on Genji from GO, ex-REUNITED’s retake of the point soon after proves to be a fruitful one, leaving the opposing squad with 46% on the board. What follows looked to be a clean retake for GamersOrigin, had it not been for an effective Tactical Visor once again from uNFixed, clearing the point to result in a failed push from GO and the round for ex-REUNITED.

The fourth round returns to the Garden on Lijiuang Tower, with both teams reverting to the comps they ran on the map in round two, leaving Leaf on Pharah for GamersOrigin and Rubikon on Ana for ex-REUNITED. Despite an early pick onto Morte’s Lucio from Leaf, Vallutaja and uNFixed make light work of the rest of GO’s squad, as ex-REUNITED took the initial capture of the round. Leaf soon switches back to Genji as GamersOrigin set up for the retake, quickly taking over ex-REUNITED and leaving them with 19% on the board. In a repeat of round two, ex-REUNITED take the point from a highly effective Nano Visor from Rubikon and uNFixed, retaking the point with 38% scored for GamersOrigin. Despite several pushes from GamersOrigin, A dominant uNFixed leads to a shaken GamersOrigin failing to retake the point from ex-REUNITED, resulting in a 3-1 victory for ex-REUNITED on Lijiuang Tower and a 1-0 lead in the overarching best of 5 match.


GamersOrigin – 0


The second match between GamersOrigin and ex-REUNITED in this best of 5 serieswas played on Eichewalde, with GamersOrigin on the defending side and ex-REUNITED attacking. GamersOrigin’s choices for defending was a team of Reaper, Reinhardt, Winston, Ana, D.Va and Lucio, a heavily tanky comp that was reminicent of a common comp seen in the last meta. Meanwhile, ex-REUNITED ran an almost identical comp they ran in the previous rounds on Lijiuang Tower, running Genji, Tracer, Pharah, Zenyatta, Lucio and Winston. It’s clear from the lineups that ex-REUNITED planned to take this point as quickly and with as much unpredictability as possible, while GamersOrigin showed a desire to play incredibly defensively around the point, waiting for ex-REUNITED to come to them to make most use of their lineup’s fairly short range.

ex-REUNITED’s dive comp proved to be incredibly effective, as the team ran rings around GO’s triple tank comp, taking the point very quickly with 5 minutes and 19 seconds to take the next checkpoint. A fairly ineffective ult from Kruise on Genji picking up only one player from GO results in a won teamfight for GamersOrigin off the payload, forcing ex-REUNITED to regroup. Another effective hold at the overpass from GamersOrigin leads to yet more time to tick down for ex-REUNITED. However, Vallutaja once again takes down Leaf and Narwak off some immaculate Tracer play, forcing GO back as the rest of ex-REUNITED secure the payload. The defense continues to fall apart for GamersOrigin, as a completely wasted Nano Visor from Narwak and HYP leads to ex-REUNITED to taking the second checkpoint on the back of some immaculate Genji play from Kruise. After another wipe soon after pushing through the second checkpoint, another fight along the final stretch ends heavily in ex-REUNITED’s favour, resulting in the squad completing the map with 2 minutes and 23 seconds to spare.

GamersOrigin’s attack begins with a comp of Tracer, Pharah, Genji, Winston, Lucio and Mercy, focusing on utilising Leaf on Pharah to the fullest extent. Meanwhile ex-REUNITED’s defensive comp consisted of heroes not unalike their offensive run, playing Soldier 76, Tracer, Genji, Reinhardt, Lucio and Ana. It was obvious to see that ex-REUNITED were expecting a similar comp to theirs in the last round from GO, and decided to play what may be considered an unorthodox defensive comp to be able to adapt and keep up with GamersOrigin’s mobility. It proves fruitful, as ex-REUNITED successfully defend from GO’s first push. A second push from GO is also held back, thanks mostly to yet some more immaculate play from Vallutaja on Tracer. ex-REUNITED continue to hold GamersOrigin for another two pushes, the second effectively shut down by an inventive Earthshatter from Sharyk on Reinhardt. Another push is successfully held back by ex-REUNITED’s high mobility comp, despite a Mercy Resurrect coming out from Poko. A final push from GamersOrigin finally succeeds in overtime against a rattled ex-REUNITED, giving the underdogs a mere 2 minutes and 30 seconds to push for the next checkpoint. An effective pincer from a aimbotting uNFixed on Soldier 76 and Vallutaja’s incredible Tracer crushes GamersOrigin’s hope for a peaceful push, forcing them back from the payload. Another push is held back, this time from an effective Nano Boosted Kruise as Genji, alongside Sharyk’s hounding Winston. Despite securing the payload in overtime, another deadly Nano Visor from Rubikon and uNFixed results in a full hold from ex-REUNITED and a second point for the team in the best of 5, taking the set to potential it’s final match.


GamersOrigin – 0

The 3rd round of this best of 5 series between ex-REUNITED and GamersOrigin in the Grand Final of the StriveWire Monthly Brawl for February 2017 took place on Nepal. The first map in this rotation was the Shrine variant, with ex-REUNITED’s lineup consisting of Tracer, Winston, Genji, Soldier 76, Lucio and Ana. This comp is very similar to their previous comp on Lijiuang Tower, making use of majority of the lineup’s mobility to quickly overwhelm the opponent, supplemented by Lucio’s Speed Boost and Ana’s Nano Boost. GamersOrigin also ran an identical setup, with similar objectives in going about taking on the organisation-less titans. It is worth to note the use of Ana over Zenyatta on this map, as Ana’s ranged healing becomes more effective on this map over Zenyatta’s single target overtime healing.

The Shrine quickly turns to GamersOrigin for the first rounds’s initial capture, after an early pick on Vallutaja on Tracer, which is quite honestly one of the very few mistakes Vallutaja made over this series. After regrouping to attack GO once again, an early pick on Leaf as Genji alongside Kruise’s diversion from the point successfully pulling away 3 players led to uNFixed cleaning up the rest of GamersOrigin on the point, leading to ex-REUNITED’s capture leaving GO with 57% on the board. A regroup and push led by Narwak on Tracer from GO was effectively shut down by yet another Nano Visor combo from uNFixed and Rubikon, easily holding GamersOrigin back from the point. Several picks from ex-REUNITED continue to hold GO back from the point resulting in ex-REUNITED posed to take the first map of Nepal. GamersOrigin finally reach the point in overtime, after Tactical Visor from Poko and a Nano Blade from HYP and Leaf results in GamersOrigin’s capture of the point, kicking off from where they left off at 57% and leaving ex-REUNITED at 99%. Despite a little technical error impending the view of the match, GamersOrigin’s defense quickly kicks off with the team taking defensive position on the point and making picks on ex-REUNITED before they even reach the point. A retake attempt with uNFixed’s Tactical Visor as Soldier 76 is quickly shut down by one of Poko’s own, and GamersOrigin turn around the point to win the first round on Nepal 1-0.

The second round of Nepal was taken to the Temple section of the map. GamersOrigin chose to run the same comp as last round, as ex-REUNITED chose to swap Ana for Zenyatta. It seemed that ex-REUNITED was potentially feeling the lack of Zenyatta’s Discord Orb supplementing ex-REUNITED’s DPS’s damage output. A drawn out fight delays the initial capture of the point, finally resulting in GO capturing the point after Poko wipes Sharyk on Winston off the attack early on before taking out the rest of ex-REUNITED one by one. Several early kills from ex-REUNITED in the retake attempt pulls the Nano Visor from GamersOrigin, however despite taking out several of ex-REUNITED’s members it didn’t have the turning power it needed to have for GO especially after Kruise on Genji sweeps up Poko with his Dragonblade, leading to ex-REUNITED taking the point after GamersOrigin secure 35% for themselves. Unfortunately for ex-REUNITED, any chance of defending the point for an extended time is destroyed as Narwak sticks uNFixed with the Pulse Bomb early in GO’s retake, resulting in the point turning in GamersOrigin’s favour yet again, leaving ex-REUNITED with 46% to their name. ex-REUNITED’s retake of the point soon after is lead by the consistent DPS of uNFixed’s Soldier 76 alongside Sharyk’s Primal Rage as Winston, resulting in GamersOrigin only having 25% left to take the map having amassed 75% already. A following retake attempt is made by ineffective by Morte’s Sound Barrier as Lucio, deterring GO from the point having lost 2 team members early into the fight and in turn choosing to save the three ultimates they had at their disposal, being Leaf’s Dragonblade, Narwak’s Pulse Bomb and HyP’s Nano Boost. GO’s next retake attempt proves fruitful in overtime, despite the Nano Blade combination being shut down by uNFixed’s Tactical Visor, Poko’s own Tactical Visor proved effective enough to pick up for the lack of the Nano Blade, turning the point for GamersOrigin. Unfortunately, It’s not long before ex-REUNITED retakes the point and the round after cleaning up a weakened GO on the point to bring the match to 1-1.

The third round of Nepal was played on Village with no changes to either teams’ comps. An early kill into BenBest in the initial fight off the high ground of the point results in ex-REUNITED securing the point for the rounds’ initial capture. Rubikon’s Discord Orb as Zenyatta soon proves to be the benefical pick for ex-REUNITED, as GamersOrigin’s came very close to securing the point early from ex-REUNITED if not for an important pick onto Roko as Soldier 76 from Kruise’s Genji alongside the followup from Rubikon’s damage amplifications. Another failed push comes from GO before a Nano Visor yet again from Roko and HyP takes out enough of ex-REUNITED and weakens the rest of the team for GamersOrigin to take the point during overtime in a staggered push, assisted by Noki’s Sound Barrier as Lucio. Fortunately for ex-REUNITED, Kruise’s careful preservation of his Dragonblade results in early picks on GO’s DPS, leading to ex-REUNITED’s retake and the round for the squad, leading into potentially match point 2-1.

The fourth round is taken back to the Shrine, with neither teams once again making any changes to their lineups. A back and forth fight resulting in GamersOrigin’s loss of BenBest early on has ex-REUNITED once again take the initial capture of the fourth round on Nepal. GO’s first retake attempt is successful due to early frags on Rubikon and Vallutaja, leaving ex-REUNITED to chalk 40% up for themselves. In possibly a nerve-fueled move, GamersOrigin make quite an aggressive defensive attempt, which doesn’t really prove very benefical or practical as ex-REUNITED sweep up their aggressors without having to push for it, retaking the point as a result of it with only 40% to their name. GamersOrigin’s retake attempt is rapidly and efficently destroyed by ex-REUNITED, as Morte’s careful use of Sound Barrier as Lucio alongside Kruise’s Dragonblade sweeping up any chance for Roko’s Tactical Visor to even be used, shutting down the retake attempt and leaving GO with the pressure of taking the point within 30%. The next retake attempt pans out much more favourably for GamersOrigin however, as Poko’s foresight to save Tactical Visor proves fruitful as he clears up most of ex-REUNITED to retake the point during overtime. Regardless, GamersOrigin doubtlessly feel the pressure of tournament point bearing down on them. This pressure proves telling, as an aggressive use of Rubikon’s Transcendence and uNFixed’s Tactical Visor wrap up the point and the match for ex-REUNITED, taking the best of 5 set 3-0, and earning themselves the name of the StriveWire Monthly Brawl champions for February 2017!


GamersOrigin – 0

Congratulations ex-REUNITED!

There was much to take from this set. Personally I think both teams were quite even in terms of skill level, but unfortunately I think GamersOrigin’s nerves got the better of them. They were after all fairly unknown in the Overwatch eSports scene but this performance will no doubt put them on the map. I think if the team gets their nerves under control I can easily see them reach to even greater heights. In fixing nerves issues I think GO will be able to make more thought out decisions and be able to properly compose themselves in matches, especially compared to ex-REUNITED, one of the most methodical and calm teams in the scene. The biggest examples I can think of GO’s nerves getting the better of them would have been the wasted Nano Visor on Eichewalde and the Sombra pick in the first round of Lijiuang Tower. I think if GamersOrigin focus on keeping calmer and more collected under pressure will stop overzealous moves like those mentioned previously from happening. As for ex-REUNITED, there is little to say. Their ultimate management is one of the best in the scene, and I imagine they have a bright future ahead, even without an organisation supporting them. Thanks a bunch for reading this recap and mini analysis here at the end. I’m now one of the dedicated members of the Omnic Core eSports team, and I look forward to bringing more Overwatch eSports content to you all. Thanks for reading!

(Credit to the sensational Overwatch Wikia and Liquipedia for the image sources and GosuGamers for the banner, yall cute <3)

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