Aah, Sombra. ¿Dónde estás?

The Omnic Core crew, and countless other Overwatch fans, have been waiting with baited breath for the reveal of our new hero, Sombra. She’s teased us with her hacking skills, having fiddled with the Blizzard forums and even the “A Moment In Crime” website! But we know nothing about her other than she’s connected to Gabriel Reyes, AKA Reaper, and the Dorado payload map.

So, who is she? Or what?

I’m going to explore this elusive character and play with her potential design, personality, and purpose.

Skycoder – Is She Sombra?

A small point to bring up; why would Sombra use another codename online, when Sombra is a codename itself? On the Overwatch forums, a post made by Skycoder showed up with hints about Sombra. You can see that here. Whether or not Skycoder is Sombra or a separate entity is a topic of debate. Sombra seems to be well known, as her name is featured on a newspaper page, found on the Dorado map, with a hooded figure shown.

Image Source: The Overwatch Gamepedia

Why would you use a codename to cover your codename, when you are known to be a hacker, capable of infiltrating secure data and stealing it? Just a thought … just before we move on, take notice of those robotic-looking legs. Remember them, they’ll be important later.

Sombra – A Resentful Omnic.

Now, again, I should stress that this is just my opinion–my “oh my god, please be true” opinion–on who Sombra is. I want so desperately to see an omnic who fights back against the discrimination that Zarya and Torbjörn offer.

I feel that Sombra could be a bitter and angry omnic, who knows the truth to the Omnic Crisis. Perhaps, she is one of the few who knows why the omnics fought. Sombra may have developed a deep-rooted loathing for humanity as they mercilessly shot down her brothers and sisters. Perhaps she is a veteran of the first crisis?

Or, maybe it goes beyond the bitterness of losing a war; there is a possibility that this is the work of a God AI, much like Anubis from Pharah’s comic, Mission Statement.

Image Source: Blizzard's Overwatch Comic,

We know from the comic that certain dangerous AIs exist and that they can take control of omnics and influence them. After all, it forced one of Pharah’s squad members, an omnic known as Okoro, to kill himself.

Image Source: Blizzard's Overwatch Comic,

The God AI Anubis seems to believe that humans are violent, as seen from the following quote.

The sentry bots … said Anubis saw us as a threat, and then they started shooting.” —Unknown Male, Mission Statement.

So, what if Sombra was exposed to a less volatile God AI? Perhaps more thought provoking, what if Sombra is a God AI? I, personally, find the latter to be the less possible–were she a God AI, surely she would be able to simply do as she wished with a click of her fingers? Having said that, is it possible in their universe that over exposure to a God AI may come with some interesting side effects; perhaps it is able to pass some of its powers on, allowing affected omnics to go through some form of apotheosis? Like a demi-God AI.

Whatever may be, whoever she is, Sombra is not a fool. She is smart, she is powerful, and she knows a thousand and one things that we do not. The pen is mightier than the sword. And she is more than capable of wielding her intelligence as a weapon.

The Face Behind It All – What Hides In The Shadows?

If we are to assume that my thoughts are the truth, and she were to be an omnic, a stealth and intelligence unit at that, what exactly would Sombra look like? Well, there are several instances of omnics being shown in the world of Overwatch, most noticeably Bastion, Zenyatta and eve Mondatta. But I highly doubt we are going to receive another cumbersome or clunky figure.

When you think stealth, you think sleek. You think smooth. You don’t think of the angular shape of either of our current omnic heroes, do you? So, after some searching around, I’ve found a few images that may hint to feminine omnics having a different appearance to their male counterparts.

Image Source: Overwatch Cinematic Teaser,

This unknown motherly omnic can be seen in the “Are You With Us” trailer. Take notice of her softer build, the less angular face with almost human features.

Image Source: Overwatch Cinematic Trailer

And this lovely, curvy lady too, who I believe is some form of Athena, judging by that familiar “A” symbol. If it is her, what reason did she have to retreat into the computer system of Gibraltar? I suppose that’s another theory entirely.

Regardless, the first thing we notice is her build. She has a feminine pose and, from what we can see, petite limbs. Sombra could be very similar in appearance.

Remember those tiny little robot legs peeking out from under the shawl of the newspaper picture? Yeah, I know, that may be an artist representation for the newspaper … but what if Sombra leaked a shady image of herself to get the word spreading, which would, in turn, get her influence spreading. Perhaps we already know what some part of her actually looks like; robotic.

The Reasons –  Define “Bad” In Context.

What is Sombra trying to accomplish? Is she trying to leak information regarding Overwatch? Does she know something about the organisation that we don’t? Was she a main player in the internal corruption of Overwatch, the detonator that would make the family implode? Whether she was a member of Overwatch, or simply made acquaintance with the scarred Reaper after his organisation’s fall, it matters less than what she wants to do now.

There are rumours that she wants to cause another omnic uprising, that she is aiming for the resurgence of the Omnic Crisis. Others are claiming that she is out to help Reaper in terminating the remaining ex-Overwatch agents permanently. There are even whispers of the idea that she’s not even a hero, that she is simply a tool to spread the influence of a God AI.

Any way you look at it, her alliance lies with the currently corrupted, morally dark Reaper, who in turn works under Talon.

Talon aren’t exactly seen as the good guys, are they.

So, Let’s Make This Short and Sweet.

I truly hope, with all my heart, Sombra is another omnic hero. The rumours and ideas that she is a stealthy support, with the ability to disguise herself somehow (through invisibility or some kind of camouflage), intrigues me to no end. I don’t see her as having much damage output, but the possibility of disrupting the enemy team and causing chaos could be twice as fun if done right.

There’s so much potential that, despite my hype for the ARG dying, my hype for the hero has not. So I’m going to leave the detective work to those with their minds set to it and sit, blissfully happy in my own little world, with the images of potential in my mind.

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