The question on everyone’s list has finally been answered. The PTR now is hosting the opportunity to play one of the most anticipated heroes since Overwatch’s launch earlier this year: Sombra. Blizzcon’s official reveal of Sombra left many fans in awe over the new hero and her game changing array of skills and lore. Today, the PTR has updated with the opportunity to try Sombra for yourself and get a taste of the action. If you have the time to wait in queue for the PTR, I definitely recommend.

Similar to Ana’s PTR release, Sombra comes with a full array of emotes, intros, victory positions, skins and alike to preview. Her skins are technocolor and all harken back to Sombra’s apparent core aesthetic: cyberpunk. The recolored models are what you expect for blue and purple level skins, while the legendaries do great work to highlight Sombra’s style and link her back to the lore we’ve been given. The Los Muertos skin in particular brings out the connections between Sombra and the map most tied to her origin: Dorado. All of Sombra’s current skins can be found here

Gameplay wise, your best bet for finding a good place to run around and try out Sombra is in the new and improved Arcade mode in Overwatch. Here you find the new options of 1v1, 3v3, the usual Brawl rotation, and the 6v6 limitless mode. The limitless mode acts as a replacement for the current Quick Play system with a no character limiter and natural map rotation. While playing through the 6v6 limitless mode, I was able to play both a KOTH map and a payload map while on Sombra, and it’s an interesting shift for someone who usually mains support characters.

Sombra runs like Tracer in a lot of ways: a quick paced hero hitscan that starts off as spray and pray, but with concentrated fire can decimate low health targets and wear down tanks. Her hack feature is by far one of the more dynamic and interesting parts of her kit, as it allows for teams to block off health packs so no quick healing in a pinch push, and allows to shut down key targets in a fight. With Sombra’s hacking feature, a hero’s entire kit is temporarily shut down, leaving them only with primary fire to defend against oncoming attacks. Heroes can be shut down during ults, and with Sombra’s own ultimate, EMP, an entire team fight can be shut down.

Like many offense characters, a good tank can shut them down, especially a Winston, but Reaper became a quick thorn in my side throughout maps like KOTH. As a KOTH choice, Sombra’s ult makes a great choice for taking down pushes on enclosed points. One Sombra alone seems like an interesting addition to a team comp, while having 6 on a team is chaotic and fun. On payload, Sombra seems like a good addition to both the attacking and defending side. By fencing off health kits, Sombra can help make it harder for squishier heroes to duck out and back into fights after a quick health kit, and her hacking ability is great for isolating certain heroes to make them useless during pushes.

Sombra’s gameplay in general is fun and refreshing. This new hero looks like she’ll become an interesting component of the current meta. Similar to Ana, she may become a staple of competitive team compositions as her skills can terminate critical ults, pushes and the like that can turn the tables in a match. If you’re interested in trying Sombra out for yourself, I recommend attempting to get into the PTR and playing a few matches, even if you have to wait for while in the queue.  




Sara W.
Sara is an aspiring writer and avid video game and comic fan with a slight problem with over analyzing story and character development. A historian by trade and a writer of over 5 years experience, she works to bring you interesting insight into Overwatch through various topics and mediums. Remember to keep fighting the good fight and don't feed the Yao Guai.