Ryuugekiken! – Genji enters the Nexus

“Mi o sutete mo, myori wa sutezu.”


In today’s article I wanted to cover the newest addition to Heroes of the Storm 2.0: Genji

Genji is the 4th Overwatch hero to be included into the Nexus, fighting together with Tracer, Zarya and Lúcio.




Shuriken (Q):

Shuriken is a frontal cone skillshot that throws out three shuriken damaging the first enemy hit, working just like his alternative fire in Overwatch. It costs 15 Mana and can store up to three charges that can be thrown individually, all refilling at once after a 12 second cooldown.




Deflect (W):

When using Deflect Genji becomes protectednullifying all damage taken for 1.25 seconds and throwing out a Kunai towards the nearest enemy, preferring heroes, when damaged. It has a manacost of 70 and has a 16 second cooldown.



Swift Strike (E):

Swift Strike is a very high range dash, damaging all enemies in it’s path. If an enemy hero dies within 2 seconds of being hit by Swift Strike, the cooldown and mana cost are refunded. The usual mana cost is 75 and the ability has a 12 second cooldown.



Dragonblade (R):

When using his ultimate Dragonblade, Genji can no longer basic attack and his Shuriken (Q) gets replaced with a new ability that allows Genji to dash a small distance and swing his Dragonblade in a huge frontal arc, dealing massive damage to any enemy caught in it. If an enemy hero dies within 2 seconds after being hit by either Genji’s Swift Strike or a swing of his Dragonblade, the cooldown of Swift Strike is refunded. It’s manacost is 50 and has an 80 second cooldown. The ultimate lasts for 8 seconds.


X-Strike (R):

His second ultimateX-Strike, allows Genji to jump up in the air, slashing the ground 2 times and leaving x-shaped marks that detonate after a brief period of time. It has a manacost of 90 and has an 80 second cooldown.


Cyber Agility (D):

His trait Cyber Agility allows him to perform a jump that can also go over terrain, and has an 10 second cooldown.



Genji enters the Nexus with his baseOni and a new Steel Dragon skin.


Base colour variations


Oni Genji


Steel Dragon Genji


Playtesting Genji


I spent the last 2 days testing Genji on the new Heroes of the Storm build, and in my opinion he will have a hard time fitting into the game. Without a support at his side, which is what will usually happen in the randomness of Quick Match, you will spend most of your time dead, behind fortifications or in the base. He has a very high skillcap and is, for me personally, very enjoyable. Even though his Shuriken and Deflect feel weak, his Swift Strike is an incredibly powerful tool when used in the right moments. What also feels weird about Genji is that he, unlike Tracer and Lúcio, can’t basic attack while moving. Standing still for a brief moment is enough to start the animation, but it still stops you from being able to chase down enemies efficiently.

Dragonblade does not have a place in the game. For this ultimate to find any value, you need to be face to face with your enemies, which you will usually not have the survivability for. Not only does this problem exist, but the ultimate also feels weird. The slashes are slow and the mini dashes it performs can overwhelm you and mess up your positioning which will cause you to miss them in most cases. With it’s level 20 upgrade “The Dragon Becomes Me“, that allows you to keep your ultimate up significantly longer, increasing it’s duration by 1 second every time you hit an enemy hero, the ability gets a bit more viable. But overall you will not get a lot of value out of Dragonblade. In my very strong opinion: This ultimate is garbage, but it is probably the only way of implementing it in the game. Well, Ryuujin no- Ahhhhh!


X-Strike on the other hand is an amazing ultimate with a lot of combo potential and a high skillcap to use. If you can catch someone off guard with this ability and hit all 3 damaging strikes, they will find themselves suddenly overwhelmed by a ton of burst damage. Combined with Zaryas Graviton Surge you can unleash an absolutely devastating combo on the enemy team. From what it seems Genji is also untargetable in this ultimate, which makes it viable for dodging hard-hitting abilities or ultimates when your deflect is on cooldown. On it’s level 20 upgrade “Living Weapon” you can reduce the cooldown by 12 seconds every time you hit an enemy hero. All 3 damage-procs of the ultimate count as individual hits, meaning that you can half the cooldown of X-Strike with just hitting it fully on an enemy hero. Again, combo this with a Graviton Surge and get ready to see your enemies blow up like balloons, because you will be able to instantly reset the cooldown of your ultimate if 2 or more people are caught inside, making you the ultimate killing machine due to the ability to spam X-Strike for as long as your heart desires.


I can see two ways in that Genji would be played in Heroes of the Storm and in that I played them, depending on my and the enemy teams composition. The first one here being the role of more of a sustain poke damage dealer and kill-finisher. You stand behind your teams frontline, poking with your Shuriken and basic attacks and when you spot someone that you can finish off, you Swift Strike in to kill them and use it again to get out, because you get the kill-reset.

His second role could be the same that Illidan currently has and that Genji already fullfills in Overwatch: Harassmentdisruption and focussing down key targetsChasing down enemies that are weaker in 1v1 situation then you are. This can (or should) only be done if your team has a fitting dive-comp and if the enemy team cannot stunlock or in other forms crowd control you for several seconds.


My opinion on Genji


I personally think that Genji can be a lot of fun. He will definitely have a hard time fitting into the current state of the game, but he has his place and I can think of a lot of hilarious combos to try out with him. I am happy, even tho surprised about his addition to the game. What do you think of Genji? Did you play Heroes of the Storm before or will he make you play the game because you’re interested in trying him out? Be sure to let me know!

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