Name: Route 66

Type: Escort

Location: Route 66, US Southwest

Easter Eggs: The Panorama Diner is filled with references to Blizzard’s other games:

  • A check signed by Deckard Cain is hung on the wall.
  • Several “Craft from the Stars” comics are lying on tables.
  • The second attackers’ spawn is a tourist trap called the Cave of Mystery, using Hal-Fred Glitchbot’s movie They Came From Beyond The Moon as a theme.
  • In The High Side, there are several Hearthstone playing cards.
  • The first defenders’ spawn is Deadlock Propane and Propane Accessories, references the Texas-based animated show King of the Hill and propane enthusiast main character Hank Hill’s job.
  • In the cave, there are crates marked with the logos of various companies, including Lumérico, Kofi Aromo, Adams Instant Chicken and Rice, Lucheng Interstellar, Rikimaru, and Salt-Flavored Potato Chips.
  • In the final defenders’ spawn, there is a computer with Hearthstone open.