After defeating Team EnVyUs, and ending their 57 match win streak, Rogue moved onto the final where they faced a REUNITED who had looked strong, but beatable over the weekend. After an amazing series, Rogue came out on top and pocketed the $40,000 1st prize and the kudos of winning the first major Overwatch LAN.


REUNITED looked to dominate early on their assault on Hollywood, making quick work of the first capture point with a cap’ in 59 seconds. Push after push seemed to go REUNITED’s way as they marched down the first leg of the streets phase, rounding the corner of the Saloon after only 3 minutes. But Rogue is a dangerous team when they manage to put up their metaphorical wall. Tviq‘s Genji play gave them that as he finds 4 kills with a Dragon Blade, finally halting REUNITED.


This momentum reversal allowed Rogue to really dig their heels in, repelling the next 4 straight pushes with Akm’s McCree doing most of the work. It was REUNITED’s turn to make a stand, though, and they made a great one. A Team kill gave them the breathing room they needed to finally push the payload to the first checkpoint.

It was the same story for the second leg of the payload section. REUNITED punished Rogue for being hyper aggressive on defence, catching them out twice and pushing the cart forward. But once again, with their backs against the wall, Rogue planted their feet down and held their ground. After stalling REUNITED for so long on the first payload point, they did it again on the second, finding a way to hold the payload with just under 3 meters left as time runs out and REUNITED fail to secure the final point.


Rogue’s ability to run out the clock on REUNITED proved that it was no fluke they made it this far.

As the team flip sides, the pressure looked to be on REUNITED. Unable to finish the map, the team not only had to run out the clock on Rogue, but they must prevent them from pushing the payload to the same point they did. It looked like they were up to the challenge early on, turning away Rogue’s first push after an extended skirmish. Even after Rogue managed to take the control point, the defence of REUNITED looked solid as 5 straight pushes were repelled just on the other side of the double doors. Tviq and AKM are absent on the kill feed as Rogue failed to gain any ground.


Once again, it fell to Tviq on Genji to break through the entrenched enemy lines. A well timed Dragon blade gets Rogue back on their feet, hero after hero fall to Rogue and they finally reach the second checkpoint. The momentum has finally swung to their side, but Rogue only has 2:41 seconds left on the clock to make it to their destination. A tough fight ensues, going back and forth. In the end, Rogue was able to whittle down their opponent and get the push they needed to take the map.


Map 2: ILIOS

Round 1

The compositions for both teams were almost mirrored: Zarya, Winston, Lucio, Tracer and Zenyatta, with only their DPS character choices differing. favoured Akm’s Reaper and REUNITED chose Kyb to be on Genji. The first team fight was won by REUNITED, this happened because Rogue lost Reinforce, their primary tank as Winston. REUNITED took advantage of this and contested the point while Rogue regrouped closer to their spawn. REUNITED managed to hold Rogue back for most of the match, ultimates like an aggressive Dragon Blade by Kyb and a Primal Rage by Winghaven gave them the advantage for this round. A big push was triggered by Reinforce’s Primal Rage, and Rogue finally managed to successfully contest and capture the objective. There were multiple pushes attempted by REUNITED but Rogue held strong thanks to the huge damage done by their DPS’, Tviq and Akm. Moments later, REUNITED attempted a push, instigated by a Graviton Surge from Unfixed however it was quickly countered by Rogue’s Sound Barrier. Moments later the overtime was triggered and REUNITED managed to wipe Rogue, and they captured the point. Both teams struggled for the objective in a Team Fight where Ultimates from both teams are used. Finally, Vallutaja played an aggressive Tracer that managed to put down Rogue that, followed by Kyb’s dragon blade, gave REUNITED the first map.


Round 2

Next round started at the Lighthouse with both teams sticking to their previous picks. REUNITED opened with a double kill to both DPS players from Rogue, making their offence weaker and winning them the objective. Rogue attempted to push through the high ground, but a Dragon Blade by Kyb managed to push Rogue back for a few seconds. Rogue’s spawn point was spammed by Vallutaja, who shined as the star player of this match with his aggressive Tracer. A huge push by Rogue while using a Graviton Surge during the overtime was attempted to which REUNITED tried to respond with a strong but was quickly taken down by Akm’s Death Blossom. Rogue tried to hold the point after capturing it, but an aggressive play by REUNITED allowed them to take back the objective and, moments later, the round.


Round 3

Ilios had served as a morale boost so far for REUNITED but they struggled during the Ruins part of the map. REUNITED started their offence with Kyb trying to land shots from the high ground. This was ineffective and Rogue responded with taking down REUNITED’s Lúcio resulting in a wipe. REUNITED grouped up and after an aggressive push, they conquered the point.

Afterwards, they managed to defend the point for a few seconds before Rogue managed to take it back, and after a few moments lost it again thanks to huge graviton surge from REUNITED.

 Despite this comeback attempt, Rogue proved to be in charge of the match and finally took the objective for themselves.


Round 4

The Well was the place in which this fourth and final round was disputed. After gaining momentum from last round, Rogue started an ineffective push towards REUNITED, who quickly wiped Rogue thanks to Winghaven’s triple kill which gave them the control of the objective.

Winghaven worked as a lethal Winston and prevented Rogue from getting close to the point. Seconds later Rogue attempted a stealthy approach, to which Kyb triggered a Dragon Blade without success and despite this REUNITED manages to slow down Rogue. Suddenly Winz came out of nowhere with his Graviton Surge forcing REUNITED to back away, this helped Rogue gain control of the point. Then the cavalry came in the form of Kyb and his Dragon Blade, which found all the bodies it could. Off the back of this REUNITED solidified the win of the round and the map leaving the overall score at 1-1.


This map was a huge opportunity for both teams, they both wanted the upper hand and to be winning 2-1. Rogue picked Dorado as the third map and started their defence with heroes: Lúcio, Zenyatta, McCree, Reaper, Zarya and Reinhardt, while REUNITED opted for a more mobile offence epitomised by Tracer, Zenyatta, Zarya, Lucio, Winston and Genji. Rogue held the market area heavily by taking down Winghaven, REUNITED’s main tank. An aggressive push by REUNITED forced Rogue to drop both of their support ultimates. Rogue used a Graviton Surge to keep REUNITED back but REUNITED responded with one of their own, resulting in them completing the first objective.

The second part of the map featured an upper defence by Rogue, doing a great job at keeping REUNITED ‘s pushes from succeeding. Tviq managed a Reaper-o-copter and slowed REUNITED down.


REUNITED responded by popping a Primal Rage of their own, forcing Rogue to lose the high ground, this push was quickly decimated by Akm and his mad McCree skills managing two kills with his Deadeye. REUNITED attempted to distract Rogue from the high ground without much success but seconds later a quick wipe helped them finally complete the second point in just under 7 minutes.

The third point featured the battle for the high ground and REUNITED’s push was thwarted by Rogue who took away key players. REUNITED used Kyb’s dragon blade resulting in a huge team wipe and they won the round in almost 9 minutes. 



Rogue’s attack featured Genji, Zenyatta, Zarya, Winston, Reaper and Lucio. While for REUNITED’s defence they chose McCree, Zenyatta, Reinhardt, Reaper, Zarya and Lucio; both compositions were very standard with no ‘crazy’ picks in an attempt to cheese out the other team. Rogue started pushing quickly through the market with a solid ascension and some sick plays, as usual, by Tviq and unkoe won them the first point quickly.

Rogue proceeded to wipe REUNITED and force them to wait and regroup, while they push the payload all the way through, almost completing the second point.

REUNITED regrouped and swiftly dealt with Rogue, forcing them to regroup and take time away from them. At this point, Rogue still has 4 and a half minutes to contest those last 2 points. Rogue started a push forward in order to confront Rogue closer to the church. Tviq went on flank managing to push REUNITED back  and contesting the second point.



 The third point featured an aggressive Winz who was quickly defeated, and REUNITED started to gain control of the point again. Suddenly, Winz came back with a triple kill and wiped REUNITED. REUNITED managed to come back but an Earth shatter and a huge play by Rogue gave them the win for this map and give them a 2-1 advantage heading into Kings Row.




It was do or die for REUNITED. Down 2 – 1, they had to find a way to stay in it. And they had to do it on King’s Row. Starting on offence, skirmishes abound. At one point, Tviq’s Reaper was duelling both of REUNITED’s supports (He lost). Eventually, REUNITED got the better of those skirmishes, taking the first point before two minutes has run.

What followed was perhaps the bloodiest phase we saw all day. While skirmishes have been the flavour of the day, the streets of King’s Row saw team kill after team kill from both sides. Starting with a wipe of REUNITED spearheaded by Tviq on Reaper.



Two more team kills by Rogue continued to burn time off of REUNITED’s clock, but REUNITED decided to impress as they pull out a team kill of their own to got the payload to the first checkpoint.



From there, it was all REUNITED as they march towards the final point as they got another team kill and snowball to the finish.



As the teams switched sides, Rogue was in a pretty strong position. While REUNITED did finish the map, it took them 8:11 seconds to get there, giving Rogue plenty of time to take the game and the championship. They started out quickly with a strong cap of the control point thanks to Tviq’s Genji play.



Rogue didn’t even slow down in the first section of the streets phase, turning the tables on REUNITED as the brother duo of Winz and Akm teamed up to win a pivotal team fight. 

Rogue continued the aggression. ‘Team Kill’ was announced and the second checkpoint was taken with just under 4 minutes to finish the rest of the map, it was the beginning of the end for REUNITED.



With REUNITED’s hopes slowly fading away, Rogue showed little mercy. Another team fight breaks at the final turn with Tviq and AKM finishing the team kill.



With the end in sight, Rogue began their final push. It looked like nothing would stop them as Rogue stagger kills and prevent REUNITED from setting up a defence. Rogue takes the final point with 2:44 seconds to spare and take the series and $40,000 3 – 1.

I want to thank the Omnic Core esports team for their dedication to Gamescom this weekend. They went above and beyond the call of duty and made all of this happen: Legends.


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