(r)eUnited Back in Action

As of 2pm CST, the former REUNITED team found a new home with the multi-platform organization, eUnited.gg. Announced via their twitter earlier today, four of the original REUNITED members come together once again under the new banner.

The original REUNITED team performed at a constant high throughout the first months of the Overwatch pro scene. Among their achievements was reaching the grand finales at Gamescom – the first major LAN tournament for the new game – as well as showing out for ELEAGUE and the Korean APEX, late last year. The team dissolved after financial issues caused the organization to become unsustainable, but the majority of the team continued to play together under the title of ex-REUNITED in the Monthly Brawl series earlier this month.

With the Overwatch League coming together later this year, eUnited plans to move the former EU based team stateside. The exacts of the League are still unknown, except that it’ll run similar to more traditional sports and have city-affiliated teams. Nothing is set in stone for the League as of yet, but eUnited, like many other pro teams, are committed to participating in the League.

Among the former REUNITED members on the team, they’re joined by Normunds “sharyk” Faterins on Tank, Ruben “Rubikon” Zurabyan on Support and Hayes in the Coaching position.

The team plans to head out to South Korea for APEX Season 2.

Sara W.
Sara is an aspiring writer and avid video game and comic fan with a slight problem with over analyzing story and character development. A historian by trade and a writer of over 5 years experience, she works to bring you interesting insight into Overwatch through various topics and mediums. Remember to keep fighting the good fight and don't feed the Yao Guai.