The Blizzard Gear store is now taking pre-orders for the Widowmaker statue. This statue is hand sculpted and hand painted, featuring the deadly Talon assassin.


Reaper Identity

Originally Posted by Michael Chu (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
Who knows Reaper is Gabriel?

So far: Ana and Jack (when they encountered him in Old Soldiers) and Sombra (because she Knows Things).

Even with everything that’s happened to Reyes, Ana and Jack would be able to recognize him immediately, given all their close experience serving together over the years.

(To make it extra confusing: it gets a little more complicated in-game because we chose to have some non-canon interactions because I think it’s more interesting to have Reinhardt take out Reaper and say, “Traitor!” than to accurately reflect that he doesn’t know Reaper’s true identity. But as I’ve said before, events in game shouldn’t be considered strictly canon.)


Upcoming Skins

When a user asked the community who they want to see receive skins next, Jeff Kaplan jumped in with this tease.

Originally Posted by Jeff Kaplan (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
It’s going to be a good year for skins…
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