Possible Doomfist clue datamined?

Blizzard has recently patched the PTR sever with a bunch of new changes. The one many are talking about is an image hidden away in the files of the patch which might hint at a possible appearance of Doomfist at some point.

The image itself is of the payload on Numbani. The payload’s trademark Doomfist gauntlet appears to have been altered, as the canister holding it has been broken.

Here is our current version of the payload with Doomfists gauntlet’s canister intact.

Here in this screenshot we can see the new design of the payload. The blue lines indicate the previous canisters shape, while the red lines indicate the new, broken, canister design. They’re also missing the gauntlet all together.

This also wouldn’t be the first time Blizzard has made changes to map’s after story events occurred. The same thing happened when the first animated short, “Recall“, was released. After this short Blizzard added a small hole in the wall at the attacking spawn of Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Speculation about his play style has also been coming up as topics of debate. Many believe that he will be the first hero to use hand to hand combat as his main source of attack. While he might have slow movement speed and a high amount of health, Doomfist might end up being the first new tank hero. Even after release, Blizzard will most likely launch a new comic, and animated short to help expand his story and personality

So even if we don’t know much about him, we can all say it’s safe to assume that Doomfist is going to be both an interesting and exciting hero for Overwatch. only time will tell what Blizzard has waiting for us.

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