A patch went out yesterday for Windows players.

Originally Posted by Josh Engen (Blue Tracker / Official Post)



  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Damage Amplified stat from appearing in the scoreboard at the end of a game


  • Fixed a bug to prevent Orisa to deploy her Supercharger inside of the payload
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Sombra’s “BOOP” voice line from playing
  • Orisa’s movement now slows slightly while firing in midair

Developer Comments: Much like D.Va’s Fusion Cannons, Orisa’s Fusion Driver is intended to slow her movement while she is firing. However, unlike D.Va, there was an issue that prevented this slow from working while firing from the air.


Kill Feed Updates

Originally Posted by Jeff Kaplan (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
We have some more things we would like to try in the kill feed (assists, Mercy resurrect targets etc.) but it hasn’t been super high on our priority list.
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