Patch 1.9.0 and Orisa go live on 21st of March!

This patch includes our new hero, Orisa, a long with a lot of balance changes.




To get an in-depth view of Orisa and her abilities, check out our other article!

Here are her legendary skins, for those who are interested.


Balance changes


The balance changes include buffs to JunkratSombraWinston and  ZenyattaAna and Orisa both recieved a nerf.





  • His passive, Total Mayhem, now also prevents Junkrat from taking damage of his own explosions



  • The distance in that you can hear the soundeffects of her entering and leaving Stealth got reduced to 15 meters
  • Her Translocator is now on a 4 second cooldown, instead of the previous 6 seconds
  • Allied heroes will noe be able to see her hacked healthpacks through walls



  • The cooldown of his Barrier Projector now instantly starts as soon as the the barrier is deployed, instead of when it expires



  • Orb of destructions alternate fire recovery time got reduced to 0.6 seconds, instead of the previous 1 second
  • Orb of destructions weapon spread got removed






  • The damage of her Biotic Rifle got decreased to 60, instead of the previous 80



  • The magazine size of her Fusion Driver was lowered from 200 to 150
  • Supercharger‘s charge cost got increased by 15%


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