Have you ever listened to a song and just thought to yourself, ‘Yeah this is good, but it needs more Overwatch.‘ Fret not, because the community has heard your calls and just as with many other games, we now have a plethora of Overwatch related/parody songs to jam to. You may have seen that the Blizzard has showcased some of these on its Battle.net launcher over the past months, but in case you missed them, here’s a taste to get you in the mood. 

Healers are the heroes we may not deserve, but certainly need, so to kick us off let’s see what Instalok have to offer on their take of Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling! featuring all your favourite support characters. 

Dan Bull delivers a rap boasting rhymes covering all original 21 heroes (sorry, Ana), which is the perfect soundtrack to get you ready for mastering the full roster of characters.

Keeping in line with the Overwatch raps, Rockit Gaming serve up their dish of synth-filled goodness, though it does have a sly dig at the Omnics.

If you’ve just fallen prey to another awful Torbjörn Play of the Game, then this one’s for you. GosuJasu‘s rendition of Say Something from A Great Big World will have you teary-eyed remembering all those Play of the Games that were never yours (but some of the clips featured are hilarious).

Ana has been absent from a lot of these tracks, but if you think Pharah’s mum has got it going on, then Instalok are back to save the day with an Overwatch’d version of Mama Said by Lukas Graham.

If you’ve enjoyed any of these and are hungry for more Overwatch related tunes, you should also check out Pixeliwi’s (Omnic Core writer) community spotlight on Overwatch Remixes. If you have a favourite parody song that isn’t featured here, tell us in the comments section so everyone can get involved! 

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