Welcome back agents of Overwatch! Yet another PTR Update with big changes to the game and it’s balancing just got launched and here’s what it brought to us.


First of all, I’m going to show you the newly added feature I personally am most excited for: The Server Browser.

If you played Team Fortress 2 before, you will know that to join a server you can there search through a variety of privately hosted servers with all kinds of different game modes and maps. Well, while we are not getting custom maps, we will very much be getting the opportunity to completely change the game as we want to, in other words, we will be able to make our own custom game modes and host them on Blizzard-provided servers! To quote the official PTR patchnotes: “If, for example, you want to increase Pharah’s missile speed or remove the cooldown from McCree’s Combat Roll, the power is yours.”

Source: Reddit


The next big change is exciting for everyone that enjoyed our current seasonal brawl: Capture the Rooster. It will be permanently added to the game as a CTF (Capture the Flag) game mode and all of our at this time available Control (KotH) maps; Nepal, Lijiang Tower Ilios and Oasis; will be converted to CTF-Maps and ready to play in the Arcade!


Regarding balancing we have several meaningfull changes! A complete rework to our Omnic friend Bastion and a great buff to Mercy’s Resurrect, as well as tweaks to D. Va’s Defense Matrix, Torbjörn’s reload animation, and new “targeting sensitivity” settings for a lot of hero abilities!

Bastion got a huge rework to his whole kit. The deploy time on his Sentry mode got reduced to one second, giving him the opportunity to set up faster. His bullet spread got increased by a drastic 50% and has been changed to always be at maximum spread instead of building up over time. Therefor his magazine size was increased from 200 to 300! He can also no longer deal critical damage and the headshot multiplier got removed from his arsenal whilest remaining in Sentry configuration. Recon configuration got changes as well, decreasing his bullet spread by 25% and increasing the magazine size from 20 to 25, basically making him a viable alternative for Soldier: 76! His self-repair can now be used while moving, no longer gets interrupted when taking damage and has a recharge meter similar to D.Va’s defense matrix. In tank mode he no longer gets bonus armor. He also got a new passive called “Ironclad”, granting him a 35% damage reduction in Sentry and Tank configuration.

In my opinion these changes really favor the playstyle Bastion was originally supposed to have: Being a tank and barrierbuster. He no longer will be able to completely shred 200 health targets with headshot and will have to focus on his role of melting through Reinhardt barriers and big hitbox tanks.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment


D.Va’s defense matrix got a slight buff, removing the minimum travel time for projectiles to be nulified, giving D.Va the opportunity to, for example, save a teammate from a Roadhog-Leftclick after being hooked.

Mercy got a big buff to her resurrect, making her together with her revived allies temporarily invulnerable when casting.

Next up is one pretty big map change to Eichenwalde! After breaking the castle doors, there will no longer be a second door closing down after the Payload got pushed through the gate, opening the chokepoints up more and adding the door itself as a chokepoint, instead of just the two little siderooms.


There also was a pretty hefty UI change made to the hero gallery, shown below!

 Source: Reddit

To note this again, these are not changes for the live servers! This is on the PTR, available for testing right now. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on the changes, I’ll be glad to hear them!



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