Agents! We bring fresh news on future patchnotes for the PTR!

According to a post on the forums by Principal Designer Geoff Goodman, we will be seeing another change to Roadhog’s Hook and a buff to Winston on the PTR soon.

Roadhog will be getting a nerf to his Hook, increasing the cooldown from 6 to 8 seconds, which sets it equal to a lot of defensive abilities that can block Hook. His targets will now also be pulled 3.5 meters in front of him, instead of the usual 2 meters. His Scrap Gun is going to recieve a buff, decreasing it’s spread by 20%. These changes should balance his hook pretty well and make for a more consistent feeling when shooting his Scrap Gun without Chain Hook.



Winston will get a buff that will affect his survivability when diving in. His critical hit hitbox size is decreasing by 15%, making it harder to melt him down quickly. This change aims to bring him more in line with other heroes and make him feel bulkier.

In my opinion this will affect the game in a positive way, making it easier to save yourself from getting hooked using one of the heroes’ defensive abilities, for example Genji’s Deflect or Zarya’s bubble.


You can see the developer’s notes here.

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