Hello everyone, this is Anzu! Happy Valentine’s Day first of all and we hope it’s a wonderful one for you and your loved ones!

Some time ago we mentioned that we’re looking to make changes here at Omnic Core. Today we’re excited to unveil the first of those changes with a new feature to our Discord server: the bot Athena.

Athena, aptly named after Winston’s AI companion, is a Discord bot that will share our tweets to the Omnic Core Discord server. She’s intended to help keep the community informed of new articles. We may add some additional functionality to her in the future but for now, she will share just tweets from the Omnic Core Twitter account in the channel #athena.

We hope to see you on Discord and we can’t wait to share more of the upcoming changes with you all!

Athena was kindly built by Omnic Core volunteer Taur. Header created by Omnic Core volunteer Hiwatt.

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