New Arcade Mode Announced

There’s no shortage of news for Overwatch at this year’s Blizzcon. After Sombra’s official reveal, CEO Mike Morhaime shared more exciting new features coming to the game.

Among them is the new Arcade Mode, replacing the current Brawl mode, which will feature “a variety of regularly rotating alternate game modes” available in a one-versus-one and three-versus-three play and unique rulesets. Players will also have a chance to earn extra loot and experience.

Available only to this mode will be the new map Eco Point: Antarctica. In the Overwatch universe this is where defense hero and climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou cryogenetically froze herself during a catastrophic polar storm. Announced alongside Eco Point: Antarctica was a control map called Oasis which should show up on the PTR in December or early 2017 at the latest.

Eco Point: Antarctica and the new Arcade mode will be available next week for testing on the PTR along with Sombra. This should be available on Tuesday as it’s when the game typically updates.

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