As September gets underway, the Overwatch esports scene begins to shift gears to prepare for the next major tournament on the schedule: the E-LEAGUE and FACEIT’s joint tournament, the Overwatch Open. Since late July, the Overwatch Open has held ongoing placement matches online through FACEIT for the EU and NA regions, and coming September 25-26, E-LEAGUE will take over for the Regional and Grand Finals at the Turner Studios’ E-LEAGUE arena in Atlanta, Georgia. This event will be televised on TBS and will mark the first televised broadcast of Overwatch since game release. It’s an exciting time for the Overwatch Pro scene as many of the top ranking teams are getting ready for their trip to Atlanta to take part in the tournament. Of the 32 competing teams, only 16 remain in the final stretch towards Atlanta.

Among the teams competing for the top spot is the European squad Misfits.GG. Ranked 6th worldwide and 3rd in Europe, Misfits has had strong showings at Gamescom last month, placing 5-6th after a defeat from FNATIC, and is currently in the Group A finals of the Lenovo Cup. With the team on a steady rhythm, it comes with great unease that they will be two men short when the Overwatch Open begins later this month.

Yesterday, Misfits member Skipjack announced his absence from the tournament due to illness in the family. An understandable move, considering the importance of family, and one we at Omnic Core wish the best for.


In his place, Ryb of OWKings will be taking his position for the Overwatch Open. While not a default Tank, as Skipjack is, Ryb is a flex with good standings. Alongside this, Zaprey, one of Misfits’ DPS players, has quit Overwatch since the Atlantic Showdown and the team, according to an article by The team has been fielding Hidan, once affiliated with Aera eSport in a Support role. 

It’s uncertain now how Misfits will perform after being forced into such changes. Only time will tell, however, as the teams continue to prepare for the first televised Overwatch event later this month. Still, our thoughts go out to Skipjack and we hope that a quick recovery comes soon.

Sara W.
Sara is an aspiring writer and avid video game and comic fan with a slight problem with over analyzing story and character development. A historian by trade and a writer of over 5 years experience, she works to bring you interesting insight into Overwatch through various topics and mediums. Remember to keep fighting the good fight and don't feed the Yao Guai.