In a surprise upset, Misfits takes the Overwatch Open over EnVyUs 3-1 in the first televised tournament in Overwatch history. Sixteen teams flew out to Atlanta to play in Turner Stadium for a chance to make history, and today Misfits stands above the rest, not only taking down the top team in the NA, but also pushing through adversity to get there. After arriving in Atlanta after a number of roster changes and subs, Misfits proves they are a force to be reckoned with, and that the EU region is nothing to scoff at in competitive Overwatch.


The first sign of Misfit’s power-play came from the startling speed in which they not only capped, but completed King’s Row in their first push. In an almost unstopped escort, they took the payload to the finish line and nearly stalled EnVyUs in overtime. Here we saw the tournament favourite Reaper/Ana combo making headway for both teams, though SoOn stands out for his fantastic positioning and ability to devastate the defence both with and without an ultimate.

EnVyUs came back with a strong attack, favouring the Pharah/Mercy combo which has found its way back into meta in recent patches. Chipshajen comes in with one of the game changes of the night as he pulls off a clutch res on the first point which brings EnVyUs back into the fight and completes the capture of the first point.

EnVyUs  shows why their adaptability shines out against enemy teams as they begin to predict SoOn’s ambush strategies, but the stalling tactics work to push EnVyUs to taking points in Overtime. Talespin gives SoOn a run for his money on Reaper as he manages to catch a quad kill with a Death Blossom and brings the map into a third round.

With the third round comes a close match up with EnVyUs and Misfits, with EnVyUs starting out with a strong defence that pushes Misfits back after every push. Hidan shines out in this play for nanoboosting Ryb on Reinhardt and helping secure victory over EnVyUs on Map 1.


Map 2: NEPAL

Round 1

As seen in their match against Fnatic, EnVyUs’ strategy on King of the Hill maps comes into play in Map 2. The first round starts out strong for EnVyUs with Taimou on Roadhog. His plays shine out throughout the map for shutting down SoOn on Tracer and Kryw on Reaper. The map comes to a close tie as the point is traded back and forth until it hits 99% on both sides, but Misfits takes the round.

Round 2

Round 2 starts with a 3 tank combo from EnVyUs and Taimou continues to impress with his hook work on Roadhog. EnVyUs takes control of the point first and holds out against Misfits until they hit 95%. Even with this flip, EnVyUs retakes the point and wins Round 2, showing everyone exactly why they’re one of the strongest King of the Hill teams in the business.

Round 3

Misfits shake up the roster on Round 3 with Mei to help lock down the Inner Temple point and manage to start off strong against EnVyUs’ first push. Taimou changes from Roadhog to McCree. As one of the best McCree’s in the game, he plays long range damage and manages to help turn the tide once again into EnVyUs’ favour. Nevix changes to Genji in an attempt to set up some devastating ultimate stacks, but EnVyUs storms back from a 99% for Misfits for the round win.

Round 4

The final round of the map, once more, shows off why Taimou on Roadhog is a monstrous combo as he continues to shut down the squishier players on the Misfits’ roster. Misfits manage to turn control from EnVyUs at the 99% mark, but EnVyUs pushes back quickly and takes the map 3-1.


Payload maps seem to be Misfit’s bread and butter of this matchup as they begin on defence against EnVyUs. Taimou continues to rock his Roadhog while Nevix goes to Mei in an attempt to help lockdown the payload. EnVyUs starts out setting a pace to rival Misfit’s push in King’s Row but begins to stall out in the Hanger Stage of Gibraltar. Taimou changes to McCree and the Pharah/Mercy combo is seen once again in an attempt to break the standstill. Misfits manage to time out EnVyUs in the Hanger Stage, and the teams flip for Misfits attack and EnVyUs defence.

EnVyUs plays it safe on defence with Taimou on McCree and Tailspin taking up the Roadhog in his place. In this phase, Hidan shines out as Ana as he takes to the high ground to deal damage and heal his team as they push to the first point and into the Hanger Stage. After several pushes, Misfits manage to push to the finish line in the Hanger Stage after battling it out on the payload and take Map 3 and the match lead.


Round 1

A return to the King of the Hill style maps, but Misfits doesn’t let their previous KOTH loss slow them down. They’re quick to take the point first, running Hidan on Zenyatta rather than Ana – the more popular pick throughout the tournament. EnVyUs takes the point and holds out strong against Misfit’s pushes. Cocco shows the power of a fully charged Zarya by decimating the Misfits on the point to take the point at 79%. Misfits manage to flip the point and it gets down to a 99%/99% fight which Misfits win out with Ryb leading the charge on Winston.

Round 2

EnVyUs comes back strong in Round 2, capping the point first and holding it down through Misfit’s initial pushes. Taimou’s Roadhog once more comes into play and helps continue pressure on the DPS players in Misfits. Tailspin’s Tracer also helps ramp up the pressure in the backlines. The round goes back and forth as both teams continue to lay down the punishment on the point. The map gets down to 99%/99% once again, but Tailspin goes to work taking down Misfit’s defence and SoOn makes the unfortunate mistake of running off the point and causing Overtime to run out and EnVyUs to take the round.

Round 3

Round 3 comes down to the Lijiang garden stage and Misfits take the point first, holding it down as EnVyUs pushes back. Internethulk comes in on Winston, striking up some environmental kills to help tip the fight in EnVyUs’ favour. Misfits’ support players Zebbosai and Hidan really shine out throughout this round for their well-timed ults which helped keep their team in the fight. Combined with Kryw’s death blossom into the backline which helps Misfits retake the point and win the round.

Round 4

The final round of the tournament comes back to the Control Tower stage of Lijiang Tower and both teams rush out of the gates. EnVyUs continues their trend of strong starts and switch up the roster by putting Taimou on the Reaper instead of either Roadhog or McCree. Misfits take the point first and EnVyUs quickly takes it back with a well-timed Reaper/Ana combo.  The round runs neck and neck as both teams recap the point back and forth until Misfits take the point in an aggressive push that brings them towards the EnVyUs’ spawn.

Things look grim as Taimou manages to take out 3 with a death blossom, but SoOn strikes with a wombo-combo with pulse bomb in conjunction with Ryb’s primal rage on Winston push everyone off the point and they take the point and the game, winning the Overwatch Open 3-1.



Sara W.
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