Lúcio Has Entered the Nexus

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Today, Heroes of the Storm announced a new addition to their hero pool: Overwatch‘s Lúcio. Lúcio is the third Overwatch hero to be included in the game, following in the steps of Offense hero Tracer and Tank hero Zarya.

Lúcio retains pretty much all of his trademark abilities from Overwatch, including wall riding. As the video below demonstrates, Lúcio’s ability to wall ride is key to playing him even in the Nexus as players can use the environment to their advantage in escaping from enemies and moving them around. In addition to the positive effects of Amp It Up, this version of Lúcio is able to select an ability that employs a negative effect on enemy characters instead!

While I’m not much of a Heroes of the Storm player, this inclusion of Lúcio has me more than ever to consider playing this Blizzard title. What’s your take on Lúcio? Have you already played him? Let us know! You can learn more about Lúcio on the official Heroes of the Storm blog post.

Sources: Blizzard Entertainment

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