Name: Lijiang Tower

Type: Control

Location: Lijiang, china

Easter Eggs: The map is arranged like a staircase, with Night Market at the bottom, Garden in the middle, and Control Center at the top.

  • Posters for the Horizon Lunar Colony can be seen in rooms around the Control Center.
  • In the Control Center, there are spacesuits on display; one is red with no flag, one is blue with the USA’s flag, and one is green with Numbani’s flag.
  • The red spacesuit is marked with the name “宏宇” and has the phrase “英雄不朽” on the wall behind it. This is in honor of Hongyu Wu (吴宏宇), an avid fan of Overwatch who died trying to pursue a motorcycle thief.
  • At a desk in the Control Center, there is a photo of Dr. Harold Winston and young Winston.