How to Make Sushi: A Guide to Genji

A quick introduction with Genji’s lore

Genji is the younger brother of Hanzo, both children of the leader of the Shimada-Clan, a family of criminals, their name well known in Japan.

Genji never wanted to actually take part in the family’s business, neither did he want to take over any important roles and lived a carefree, playboy-ish life.

When their father died, Hanzo would have had to succeed him and the elders of the clan forced him to straighten his younger brother, converting him back to the clan and leading the clan together with him.
Genji refused and, with the pressure of the elders on his back, Hanzo saw no other chance than fighting him. Hanzo struck down his younger brother, inflicting deep wounds and leaving him to die.
Mercy found Genji just in time, saving him from death by replacing most of his body with cybernetic parts, under one condition: He had to become a part of the elite task-force, Overwatch.

(Source: Shengyi Sun)

Genji’s playstyle:

If you don’t know anything about Genji’s playstyle: CQC, close quarter combat. Try to get as close to the enemy as possible, jumping and dancing around them, throwing out your shuriken (best to do it with your right-click, it puts damage out quicker and is easier to hit targets when they’re at a close distance), reflecting at the right time and dashing to finish the job off until you have built up your ult. After that, dash in with your Dragon Blade and make yourself some tasty sushi. Best thing to do here is to dash forward into a group of enemies, preferably with one of them being low HP, so your dash gets off cooldown instantly. If you get the reset, dash back into your team and activate your ult, which resets your dash again, and go back in again. This is how you’ll get the highest damage output. When being in their team with your ult, don’t panic-swipe. Choose your targets wisely and quick. Focus on their healer/s first, then go for their squishy damage dealers. Don’t forget that every elimination resets the cooldown of your dash! Use it as much as possible to confuse your enemies.


So, who the hell is he strong against?

Genji is strong against nearly every squishy hero in the game, with just a few exceptions. After all, a good Genji can deal even with his worst enemies and take them out easily.



Try to avoid getting hit by his flashbang; it’s a death sentence. Reflect when you think he’s about to throw it, even though good McCree’s are able to bait your reflect without actually throwing their flashbang. If you reflect too late, try to instantly reflect when un-stunned to avoid the last hits of his fan the hammer. If you reflect too early, hope that he misses his fan the hammer, jump around as soon as you aren’t stunned anymore and either try to burst him down with a dash, right-click and melee combination, or get the hell out of there if you think you can’t do it.
If a McCree tries to ult and you are nearby, try to guess when all the circles will be filled, place yourself right in front of him and reflect. Not only is this satisfying as hell, but it can save your team in a clutch situation.


Soldier: 76

Always remember, if he’s already used his Helix-rockets or not. If he already has, there’s no reason to reflect, you can just dodge his normal shots by jumping around, their tracking, most likely, won’t keep up. Dash through him, throw your shuriken and only reflect when you think a Helix will be coming. The only problem you may encounter with Soldier is his biotic field. He most likely will heal himself up faster than you can damage him.
If a Soldier Has You In His Sights, you have two options. Either stand right in front of him and reflect his shots, dashing through him afterwards to get behind him and kill him off, or directly flank him from behind and make him focus on you.



As covered in our McCree guide, Bastion can be countered by many heroes. One way Genji can destroy our friendly robot is to reflect and look at him while he’s spraying your team down. Most Bastion won’t even realise what’s going on until they’re dead. If you are facing a good Bastion, get close to him, reflect first, if he stops shooting, dash at him and jump above his head from the one side to the other whilst throwing your right-click. He won’t be able to do much against you because most people get confused when someone is just jumping around. Always be aware of your mobility as Genji, it’s one of your greatest assets. While he is using his ultimate, you still can reflect his shots, be careful, though, one might expect too much from your reflect and will find yourself lying dead in the corner before YOU even realised what was happening.



Most Hanzo’s aren’t able to hit their arrows at fast, jumping people, hell, most Hanzo’s aren’t able to hit their arrows at all. Reflect when you are running straight at him; when it expires, jump around, dash, melee, everything you do against other heroes. You can reflect Hanzo’s ultimate if you get close to him and reflect while it still is an arrow and not yet a dragon. It’s hard to pull off in the heat of battle, but it’s possible.



Junkrat’s grenades deal a hell of a lot of damage and if you reflect them back at him, he will most likely be dead before he can see what happened. If the grenades aren’t enough, dash into him to finish the job. But be aware of his traps, as of a recent patch your dashes will no longer plough through them, they can ruin an ultimate instantly.



Widowmaker is a pretty easy target for Genji. Find out her position, climb up to her, reflect the first shot and then finish her off. Her weapons’ assault version can’t deal enough damage to kill you in time if she can even hit you


Ana is like Widowmaker in that she can’t deal enough damage to you at close quarters. Get her out of position and kill her. She and, of course, all the other healers have to be your priority targets.



A good Lúcio will try to escape you with his speed boost. Be smart. Use your environment to get around corners faster than him, dash into him and finish him off with your shuriken. His Sound Barrier can counter the Dragon Blade pretty well. Either wait for it to be on cooldown before you use your ultimate or be aware of the fact that you won’t be killing anything for a few seconds.


The highest priority support character in the game with absolutely no offence to counter you. Her revives can turn around every team fight. Kill her as soon as you have vision of her, then continue your job with the other healers/squishy heroes.



Reflect when running straight at him, dash when needed and finish him off with a shuriken. Zenyatta shouldn’t be a big deal for you at all. unless he pops his transcendence; his ultimate can counter your Dragon Blade as well, if not better, than Lúcios can. You can’t kill anyone within the Tranquilities’ radius. Be aware of that.


So if he is strong against so many people, who the hell is he weak against?

There are many good counters to Genji, but as mentioned earlier, a good Genji can kill them pretty easily too.



Mei can easily freeze you, because you, of course, can’t reflect her left-click. Either dance around her or, if you realise there is no chance, dash away to safety. You ARE able to reflect her ult. It’s easier than deflecting Hanzo’s ultimate, but still not easy. Try your best, if you can’t do it, back off.



First, Winston is a tank and Genji is made for hunting down squishy targets, not high HP tanks. Second, he can’t reflect his Tesla cannon and because of his mobility, Winston can chase you pretty easily, his Jump Pack has a shorter cooldown than your dash, so avoid him at all costs.



Similar to Winston, a Genji can’t deflect her left-click and she’s a tank. Zarya can deal even more damage than Winston does, so that’s a big threat too. You can deflect her ult too. If you hear her scream, reflect and try to look in the right direction. If you do it right, a team wipe could be coming your way.



Yes. Symmetra. A good Symmetra places her sentrys in the cheekiest spots and it’s those that ruin your ultimates. As well as that, her left-click automatically attaches to you, so she doesn’t even have to aim at you to damage you, meaning your evasion tactics can be negated if you’re caught in a tiny room. Try to clear out her sentry-nests and focus her down from a distance without getting into too much danger.


So why is it good to have a Genji on your team?

Currently, it’s always good to have a GOOD Genji on your team. He will focus down supports, snipers or other key targets and his ultimate is causing the most team wipes in this game, speaking of my experience with/against Genji.




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