How does it feel to play Overwatch?

Have you ever wondered what it was like to play a certain hero in Overwatch but don’t have the time in your day to check? Veterans, do you know how it feels to play someone, but have no one to relate to? Fret not, PlayNet’s Jordan and Gabriel got you covered! This duo works wonders on these concepts!

So far they’ve created videos showing us how it feels to play Reinhardt, McCree, Bastion, Torbjörn, and Roadhog.



Today I’ll let you guys in on how PlayNet’s duo, Jordan and Gabriel, manage to do it all!


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  1. The Duo Behind the Name
  2. How does it Feel?
  3. The Stressful, and the Fun.
  4. The Series.
  5. TL;DR


  1. The Duo Behind the Name

These two guys got into YouTube for all the right reasons! Jordan’s influence came from seeing other fellow content creators on YouTube give off positivity to their viewers. He says that, “I want to be one of the channels people come to when they need cheering up.” As someone who’s watched his videos, I’d recommend watching them to get a good laugh too!

    As for Gabriel, he was also influenced by all the content creators he watched on YouTube, and just like Jordan, all Gabriel wants to do is “try and lighten the mood of bring a chill atmosphere for people to be able to relax and just enjoy the present a little or smile for a bit.” Right in the feels guys, right in the feels.

You can see they clearly enjoy doing what they’re doing by all the effort they put into each and every video. They take all sorts of music genres, game clips, sound effects, and even popular memes and manage to fit them into one video in an effortless manner. It doesn’t feel overwhelming, or that they’re trying hard, it just feels right.

    When it came to creating Overwatch videos, Jordan’s imagination got the gears rolling in his head, and “After a few weeks of playing and seeing how creative the community was I knew it was something we had to be a part of.” While Jordan might be the brains behind the series, Gabriel supported him all the way, “We have lots of fun in Overwatch and we definitely have had no problem continuing the series.” The duo really know how to work in a timely matter, supporting each other all the way.

  1. How does it feel?

    Going more in depth with Jordan on the “How it feels” series, I asked him how he even got the idea. Jordan replied with,

Honestly, it wasn’t planned at all. I knew I wanted to make Overwatch videos at some point but the Reinhardt video was made out of nowhere. When I first started playing Overwatch, Reinhardt immediately became my favourite character and I played him non-stop. As I played I would just record little highlight clips of funny stuff that happened while I was playing to look at later. I always make little highlight videos that I just send just to my friends unlisted on my channel and that’s all I was going to make with the Reinhardt clips that I had. However, I was also playing DOOM at the time and I heard a certain song while I was playing and thought “This would be literally perfect for my Reinhardt video.” so I put the song in and started giggling like an idiot because it fit so well. After a while of editing the video, I watched it a couple of times and was like “Wow this is actually pretty funny.” so I kept editing it until it became a full on video for the main channel. I came up with the How it Feels theme when I sent the first version of the video to my friends. I said “Watch this, it’s how I feel when I play Reinhardt.” and when I was trying to come up with a title that fit perfectly. After that I just added the last clip at the end where it says “It feels great.” to bring it all together and the video was done. It was just meant to be a dumb video for my friends I never thought so many people would watch it let alone think it was funny. Once I saw how much people liked it I knew I had to make one for every hero so it became a series.


As a fellow fan, I was curious to how the process was like for creating the videos. Jordan elaborates that it’s not much different from the title, “I just play different Heroes and think about how it feels to play them, once I get an idea for an overall theme for a character I’ll start to play them exclusively so I can get gameplay footage.” Pretty self-explanatory and accurate, not to mention very hands on. He goes on to explain that, “Music plays a big factor in it as well.” So while he’s playing these characters, he’s also listening to music trying to find which songs fit in with the theme he’s creating around the character. From all the game clips he’s recorded over the time spent playing the character, he sits down to start editing and putting together the masterpiece we fans get to watch and enjoy.

  1. The Stressful, and the Fun 

Some of the hardest things when creating these videos is getting lucky. You’ve got to be recording at all times just in case something hilarious happens that you can use in the video! When the duo was asked what the hardest part was when creating these videos, Jordan replied with “Finding the right music.” He says that you have to make sure the music fits the theme and character, doesn’t have copyrights, and doesn’t cost a fortune either. Gabriel elaborates further by answering with, “The hardest part would probably be getting the in-game shots. We try to stray away from having too many scripted parts.”  They try to keep is as real as possible, so their ‘How It Feels’ videos remain completely accurate to in-gamee events a player might experience while playing the character.

Where there’s stress, there must also be fun to the creating process. Jordan explains that while, “Some of the edits I put in videos are only a couple seconds long, but take hours to make.” Then when he goes to watch the finished edits he laughs, which is a great feeling “because if I laugh it [gives] me hope that other people will laugh too.” For Gabriel, he loves the overall creative process the two go through, “We each try to dish out the most ridiculous ideas.”  Gabriel goes on to elaborate that the process can sometimes involve them having to start from square one over, and over again “but we have so much fun doing it.”

Throughout all their hard work, they create videos that they truly love, and in doing so, they hope others will love them too.


  1. The Series

    If you’ve forgotten, or if you’re unfamiliar with their work, Jordan and Gabriel have already created videos for Reinhardt, McCree, Bastion, Torbjörn, and Roadhog. After I asked them all about their work, it was time for some fun ones! When asked which video in their series was their favorite so far, Jordan copped out and said Reinhardt as he was the first character he played in Overwatch, and it was also the first character to be featured in this series. The music selection was perfect in this video! From raging metal, to calm elevator music; you’ll just have to see it to understand.

As for Gabriel, he “absolutely [loves] the Bastion Video.” I couldn’t agree more. I have a soft spot for the guy when he’s in his turret form and says hello (and not when he’s bulldozing my team down *coughs*). You have to admit that little mech arm makes the cutest wave ever. Gabriel loves the “amount of great in-game footage we were able to get when we were just playing with friends.” – the RIP-tire footage towards the end of the video was so funny!

    When asked who was next in line, Jordan was kind enough to let me know that since the release of their Roadhog video, they’ll be working on Winston. Jordan even mentioned that Mercy is probably third in line after the two tanks get sorted out.


  1. TL;DR

    To sum everything up, Jordan and Gabriel put a lot of time, effort, and work into their videos. They create the videos because it’s what they love to do, and they enjoy the process no matter how stressful it may get. The duo work side by side and bounce off each other when coming up with ideas. All they really want is to help a viewer’s day get better by making them laugh and smile. They’re making YouTube videos for all the right reasons. So far they’ve covered: Reinhardt, McCree, Bastion, Torbjörn, and Roadhog so far, and plan on getting Winston out next. Later in line they’re thinking about doing Mercy as well. If you’re someone who wants to make YouTube videos about Overwatch, or anything for that matter, listen to why these guys do it, and take it to heart!

With all of that said and done, I highly recommend checking out their videos; I hope they make you laugh as much as they’ve made me laugh.


A big shoutout and thank you to both Gabriel and Jordan for taking the time to answer all my questions! You can find links to their media accounts here.

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“How it Feels” Playlist

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