Funko Pops not your thing? Don’t worry about it!

Good Smile Company, a popular Japanese Figma brand, has announced our favorite poster child as one of the next Nendoroids in the August release line!

Look at her poses, she’s ready to zip into the crowd! With her classic skin complete with pistols and pulse bomb, Good Smile plans on bringing a variety of interchangeable pieces that can be replaced on the figure.

From what it looks like a crossover website was created, hinting that there’s likely more characters to come!

For those of you that are new to ordering anything from Good Smile Company, they’ve been around for a decade and a half now; a well-trusted company to strike deals with, their prices are roughly the same for figmas and nendos all around.

They even planned on replicating the highlight intro!
The Tracer Nendoroid is 5900 JPY (approx. 51 USD, including shipping) and is available for preorder from 2/15 (9:00 JST) to 3/29 (21:00 JST). You can rush to preorder the figure here.

Just, uh, here’s a few key points in mind before you order:

Good Smile does not allow order cancellations! Make sure you know that you want this beforehand.

Make sure you have the money on hand prior to the shipping date! From past experiences, they WILL take the money when it ships, so be careful!

They can close early! If enough people order, they will close it early and you won’t be able to order this Nendoroid from them again!

Do you plan on ordering the Tracer figure? What are your thoughts? Which characters are you looking forward to seeing Good Smile create?

Robyn Urbina
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