The Objective has partnered with PlaysTV to celebrate their latest and greatest update! Founded by Quake champion, Dennis Fong, PlaysTV takes a simple and easy approach to recording your favorite moments in Overwatch. At the same time, PlaysTV is also lightweight and resource-efficient so there is little strain on your computer.

PlaysTV’s new update populates your video’s timeline with the key points of your matches, including eliminations, deaths, assists, resurrections, and Plays of the Game, allowing you to quickly navigate and review your clip. PlaysTV is also able to integrate with your social media accounts, allowing you to share your moments with your friends! Learn more at the PlaysTV website and share your clips on Twitter!

Together with PlaysTV, we are giving away three different Nendoroid figures: one Mei, one Mercy, and one Tracer! There are a number of ways to enter, all of which you can find below. x The Objective Nendoroid Giveaway!

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