Overwatch fans all around the globe have made quite the work showing their creativity with lore theories, fanarts, frag movies, and of course, music. Nah, not the ones shooting the bells at Dorado (those are funny enough tho lol), but actual pieces of musical production inspired in Blizzard’s awesomeness, and today I want you to amp those speakers up and get ready to listen what the community has to show!

Let’s start with some Synaesthesia Auditiva, shall we? AktionMusic crossfaded our man Lúcio’s tunes, reimagining a full track with the healing vibes and rapid beats of the Sonic Amplifier, so you can be ready to rush on the point.

A lot of people toyed around with the Main Theme last year, tweaking sounds and effects here and there, but MeloDox did it just right with this remix, bringing the chill to the watch.

Remixer SharaX did something worthy of the Victory Theme with tons of original sounds under the sleeve, being the track I have enjoyed the most. Just the thing you need to rave your party night with style.

Fancy some dubstep here? DJ Ephixa got you covered with a dose of deep drops right in your Play of the Game. Yeh, that with the Torb’s turret killing the whole enemy team while you were respawning at base.

Obviously there is a ton more of music out there ready to get in your ears, but I do hope that this little selection curated by yours truly is enough for the audiophile inside of you. Got yourself a favorite Overwatch tune? Let us listen to it in the comments section!

BONUS TRACK: I can’t leave this post and you all without delivering some HIGH quality rips, and Route 66 is what you need in your life. Use it as a ringtone and thank me later.

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