When it comes to class diversity, Blizzard Entertainment has covered most of the possible bases in Overwatch with the 22 heroes currently on the roster. There’s plenty of play styles to choose from in each of the four major classes . But as Blizzard Game Director and Vice President Jeff Kaplan previously mentioned, fans of the game can expect that along with new comics and maps that there will be new heroes available as DLC sometime in the future.

By really looking at the elements that go into each hero’s strengths, a few holes appear in the otherwise rock-solid roster. These holes might be purposefully left so that a new DLC hero can come in, fill it and nestle among the current roster of heroes. At the risk of looking foolish years down the line, I’ll speculate on what these new heroes might look like in terms of the hero type, powers, strengths and just what they weaponize.

For the record, I am using rumors that Sombra is Overwatch’s next DLC hero. I will assume that these rumors are true and that Sombra is a support character that is focused on invisibility and providing information for the team as opposed to healing and buffs.


(Image source: Blizzard Entertainment)

A New Hero That Weaponizes Energy

Energy plays a major but largely hidden role with both Overwatch heroes and the worlds they inhabit. It almost certainly powers the weapons of Genji, Mercy, Zarya and Zenyatta, and its presence is felt in the power plant in Dorado. Not to mention how the collapse of the Australian omnium’s fusion core did more damage to the Outback than a Blooming Onion does to the small intestine. But there isn’t much representation when it comes to heroes that use energy.

This hypothetical new energy hero would fit best in either the attack or defense classes. Much of the new technologies in the Overwatch universe are given to tank characters like Zarya and support characters like Symmetra while the attack and defense characters are mainly “old guard.” And while it’s fun blasting into the air with Pharah and spill rockets onto whoever is unfortunately in the sight of her ultimate, it makes me wonder why these characters mainly have to be limited to lead and conventional explosions. Those are fun regardless, but there has to be more to the technology within the game’s universe.

That doesn’t mean the door isn’t open for a support hero that uses energy, though. Given that there are six support heroes already (assuming that Sombra is indeed a support hero), it runs the risk of having the current roster stepping on each other’s toes with their abilities. But maybe Blizzard can find a way to provide a new tactic to healing, helping or otherwise buffing the team in a way that hasn’t been done yet.

(Image source: Blizzard Entertainment)

A New Elemental Hero

Blizzard has done a great job at showing just what can be collected and weaponized within the Overwatch universe. Outside of the bullets and energy weapons that are common in this first-person shooter and others, there’s a hero that can weaponize ice (Mei), a hero that can weaponize sound (Lúcio), one that can weaponize electricity (Winston) and even one that can weaponize light (Symmetra). It’s part of the reason why Overwatch is so beloved aesthetically by its fans. And there’s room for more to be done if Blizzard can do it right.

The most obvious element that can be weaponized next is fire, which comes with its own creative challenges. Considering that the flamethrower is in multiple video games already and that the Pyro from the Team Fortress series has been a good example of a fire class for 17 years now, there’s not much innovation left when it comes to weaponizing fire. Given that Blizzard put effort into making Soldier: 76 unique despite being the closest thing to a generic FPS soldier in the game, then they would need to do something special to have a fire-based hero fit into the game’s other-worldly aesthetic.

I think that a new elemental hero can be more suited for an element that hasn’t been weaponized in video games much. Perhaps a wind-based defense hero would work as a hybrid of Lúcio and Mei. Maybe there’s more to the Australian story than Junkrat and Roadhog and there’s a way to weaponize nuclear energy in the Overwatch universe that a new attack hero can use. It will definitely be exciting to see Blizzard expand the game’s universe if they take this route.

(Image source: Widowmaker Ability Overview | Overwatch” onYouTube)

A New Defense Hero Based in Mobility

Out of the current roster of six defense heroes, only Widowmaker has a way to move around the map in an easier fashion. Despite having a good balance on heroes that can excel in close-range versus ones that excel in long range, the defense class is lopsided when it comes to damage versus mobility. Blizzard adding a defense hero that has at least a perk that favors mobility might be the way to eliminate the advantage the attacking team currently has in every game.

Of course, it’s easy to point out that for characters designed to protect a point or area shouldn’t have to be equipped with perks to get around the map easier. But how many times have you died while defending a point, and the spawn is so far away that the other team is able to make a significant push towards their objective? A team isn’t guaranteed to have a Lúcio or any of the fast attack heroes on it, and being able to get back to a point to defend a couple seconds faster could spell life or death for the entire team in a match. A new defense hero that can get around the map easier than others just might be what balances out Overwatch for good.

(Image source: Blizzard Entertainment)

A New Long-Range Tank Hero

Hear me out on this one. Right now, the tank class is entirely focused on working in close-range, with characters that can work at medium range (D.Va and Zarya) being added bonuses. This allows for long-range heroes to be their counters. And if someone playing a tank hero wanted to try and attack an opponent from a long range, they would have to deal with their bullets’ drop-off rates. The mechanics in Overwatch are as they should be concerning the tank class. But what if there’s a way to allow the class to have a character that can work long range without it being too overpowered?

Blizzard has already shown that they can bring range balance to the support class by introducing Ana, a long-range healer. Given her success, Blizzard can be trusted with otherwise contradictory hero schemes in order to balance out the classes. And right now, the tank class needs someone that at least has a defensive perk that can work at long range. Whether this potential character can control an area from far away via something like a predator strike or can employ long-distance traps like Junkrat, a long-range tank hero might be the next game changer for Overwatch.

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