Experience The Sounds Of Overwatch

The community is, without doubt, one of the most important parts of any game. Overwatch has one of the most active communities in recent years, the developers hear us, and in exchange, we answer back.

The world is full of art in different forms and for me, music is a favourite. Havegoodluckfun is a Youtuber who mixes the sounds of games to create songs. The channel mainly focuses on songs inspired by Dota 2, but on June, it uploaded a video called “Sounds like Overwatch.” Here is the video:

As Lucío drops the beat, the general atmosphere of the track is established. Followed by Hanzo’s arrow, the track starts to create an upbeat tempo, voice-lines such as “Prepare to Attack” or “I’m with you” start singing the lyrics of this song that does not feature a single sung line. The video starts taking you through the different maps – King’s Row, Hollywood, Route 66, and suddenly you start smiling. The choir of Numbani makes every inch of you vibrate and then you realise what you are actually feeling: The Sounds of Overwatch.

The editing work both of the video and the audio is impressive. Sounds such as Zenyatta’s Orb, Genji’s deflect, Bastion’s beeps and Tracer’s recall, create subtle sounds that create an atmosphere of joy. That is the moment when a true Overwatch fan knows that this is what Overwatch is about. The game is about enjoying the details, the moment, the sounds; Overwatch is an experience that most games will not give you.

The video incorporates footage of the animated shorts, especially from Recall; which is used to give us a moment of tranquillity before the different sounds continue to merge with one another. With a duration of almost 2:30, the song captures you and I promise you, it won’t let you go.


If you want to support Havegoodluckfun be sure to buy the song on iTunes. It is also available on Apple Music. 

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