ESL has announced how the groups break down for the Atlantic Showdown, the first live event for Overwatch as an official esport. The event will take place at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany on August 20th and 21st and will feature four teams from North America and four teams from Europe. The 8 teams will fight it out for the lion’s share of a $100,000 dollar prize pool in front of what could be a massive audience, as last year’s attendance for Gamescom was 345,000 people.


Group A

Misfits – Misfits have really impressed these past few weeks and might be the best team in Europe. The former Graviton Surge roster hasn’t lost a match since July 16th. Misfits had a pretty tough regional finals qualifier, having to defeat Luminosity and Rogue.GG to qualify for Gamescom.

EnVyUs – North America’s most dominant team, EnVyUs breezed through the North American Regional Qualifiers without losing a single game. With a 55 match win streak, they are the heavy favorites going into the tournament.

Creation Esports – Creation Esports is a team looking to prove it’s still a contender for the top European team. After an impressive early start after the launch of Overwatch, the team has started to fall behind some of its peers. After being relegated to the losers bracket by REUNITED, they picked up a win against Anox to seal a a trip to Gamescom.

Fnatic – Formerly known as Team Nubris, Fnatic was one of the first premier esports organizations to acquire a team after the launch of Overwatch. After beating both Splyce and NRG, Fnatic was sent to the loser bracket by Cloud9 in tough 5 game set. A quick 3-0 of Ohno, however, stamped their ticket to Germany.


Group B

REUNITED REUNITED is one of a handful of teams that are run by the players themselves. After forming during Overwatch’s beta phase, the team has stayed fairly unchanged since it’s inception. It’s also remained one of the best teams in Europe. With a nearly flawless run through the winners bracket in the EU Regional Finals, REUNITED prove they are a team to look out for.

Cloud9 – Like team EnVyUs, Cloud9 picked up its team very early on in the game’s beta phase. A solid 2nd place team in North America, they are one of the few teams that have even drawn blood from the near-mythical group that is EnVyUs. After defeating Team Liquid in the Regional Finals, they qualify for Gamescom on the back of a tough 3-2 series against Fnatic.

Rogue – Rogue is a dark horse in the Overwatch Professional scene. While still a formidable force, their results are somewhat inconsistent. They’ve had a strong showing here, though. After 3-0 wins in the first two rounds of the Regional Finals, they lost a close battle against Misfits. They dusted themselves off and swept newly signed Ninjas In Pajamas, earning a spot at the Atlantic Showdown.

CompLexity – After qualifying as Team SoloMid , the team was transferred to the CompLexity Gaming organization. While the move gave everyone in the Omnic Core esports team whiplash, CompLexity has other issues to look at; They have to figure out a way defeat stronger, more established teams just to make it out of the group phase. CompLexity fell to EnVyUs in the Semifinals in the regional but pulled out a sweep of Team Liquid to qualify for the trip to Germany.

Group stages will begin on Saturday with best of three double elimination format. This will lead to a single elimination best of five playoff round on Sunday. If you won’t be at Gamescom this year, don’t worry. ESL will be broadcasting the event on its Twitch, Hitbox, and Azubu channels.

With this being the first event being produced in front of a live audience, the stakes couldn’t get any higher. Live tournaments can really boost a games’ competitive scene and offer players a chance to interact directly with fans. And with eight of the world’s best teams going after the sport’s biggest payday to date, we’re sure to see some amazing Overwatch gameplay at Gamescom.


Saturday, 20th of August:

10:00 CEST: Group A – Misfits vs. Fnatic, EnVyUs vs. Creation, Winners & Elimination match

15:00 CET: Group B – REUNITED vs. CompLexity, Cloud9 vs. Rogue, Winners & Elimination match


Sunday, 21st of August:

10:00 CEST: Group B Decider Match

11:30 CEST: Group A Decider Match

13:00 CEST: Semi-Final One

14:30 CEST: Semi-Final Two

16:00 CEST: Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Grand Final


All times are approximate as matches may run long.

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