Name: Eichenwalde

Type: Hybrid

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Easter Eggs: On the hunting lodge’s fireplace mantel, there is a diagram depicting a variety of local bird species. The largest of these birds is the same species as Ganymede, the feathered companion of Bastion.

  • On the cafe menu, a meal named Kosakenzipfel is listed. This is a nod to the fictional dessert with the same name, the subject of a classic comedy sketch from the German “King of Comedy,” Loriot. Kosakenzipfel is roughly translated to “Cossack’s tip/point/tail” (a euphemism for male genitalia).
  • Near the second spawn of the defending team in the castle, there is a bonfire with a sword stuck into it. This is a direct reference to the video game “Dark Souls” in which players can save the game and replenish their health at one of these bonfires. It is located upstairs next to a Large Health Pack.