As many know, Gamescom is right on our doorstep, and with it, a plethora of new content to be announced for Blizzard’s many games, Overwatch among them. Today, courtesy of, we were given a preview of what Blizzard’s game teams are going to reveal at the convention later this week. Alongside known releases, such as Bastion’s animated short, the Last Bastion, and the ESL tournament, we were also treated to several new announcements that can be game changers to Overwatch as we know it.

Eichenwalde – The Castle in the Forest


Image Source: Reddit Thread

A much-needed addition to the map rotation, Eichenwalde is an assault/escort hybrid map taking place in a small village in the Black Forest region of Germany. This map has been speculated for months, since data mined voice lines from Reinhardt surfaced, alluding to a map in Germany. The exact layout of the map is unknown as of now, aside from a preview video highlighting several location markers and some new gameplay features.

Image Source: Screenshot from Eichenwalde Preview Video on Youtube

According to the devs in the preview given earlier today, vertical assault sections will be present as the attacking team pushes through a drawbridge choke point and moves upwards through towers. Break out your Widowmakers, it appears sniping will be very helpful in defending your castle from attacking pushes.

If you’re excited to see some sneak previews of this new map, live gameplay demos are available at Gamescom, and no doubt videos will be posted to youtube in some shape or form. But fear not, those who cannot make it to Gamescom this year, the map is scheduled to go live sometime in September.

The Little Robot that Could

Throughout the preview of the Eichenwalde map, the remains of hundreds of Bastion units litter the village and castle proper, and this is no coincidence. And no, it isn’t just because Omnics aren’t allowed to have fun in Eichenwalde.

Image Source: Our site manager – Fen

Revealed earlier this month, the first of the Season 2 animated short series will be shown at Gamescom tomorrow and the star is none other than our favourite death on treads: Bastion. Eichenwalde, while previously suspected of being Reinhardt’s lore map, is actually tied to the bird loving omnic. Exact details are still unknown, but a small preview was released today, showing the beginning of the beautiful friendship between bird and machine.

The team in charge of the animated shorts was pleased to comment on the amount of popularity the shorts have had across the web. With over a million views of each video, the series will continue following Bastion’s short, though no news on who or what the next short shall focus on. 

These are just a taste of the announcements and reveals sure to happen at Gamescom throughout the week, so stay tuned for more news updates and keep posted on the Gamescom official twitch for live shows of the convention. Don’t forget to also check out the ESL tournament taking place August 20-22, where the top teams in the Atlantic fight it out for the top spot and a 100,000$ prize pool.

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