Numbani, for all intents and purposes, stands as the ideal in what Human-Omnic relations could be in the world of Overwatch. The city boasts grand innovation in technology and robotics, and is among the few places where Omnics can walk freely without fear of discrimination on the surface. It is also the site of terrorist attacks and home to Doomfist, a hero of many creeds and identities.


It has long been speculated that Doomfist will be the new hero introduced; hopefully filling out the undermanned Tank section, but an article was released today which has put some friction into that theory.

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Doomfists of the Past. Overwatch Wiki.

In an Atlas News interview, a young Numbani inventor named Efi Oladele has entered the Overwatch canon as someone to look out for in the future. As an inventor, Efi’s realm of expertise lies within robotics and AI development. At age 11, she has become the youngest member to be mentioned in Overwatch lore. Efi continues the trend in Overwatch for young, bright minds defining the new age the world is moving towards, and brings innovative talents to an age group not often associated with them.

Efi’s interview paints a picture of an intuitive young girl with an analytical mind and an idea of how to make the world better through her innovations. The story is a common one when compared to other technology based heroes, such as Symmetra and Winston, who use their creations to aid the world to some extent. As quoted from the article, “I want to create things that make our lives better. And someday, my dream is to build something that can keep us safe…”.


Efi Oladele, from “An Interview with Inventor Efi Oladele”.

The interview is a good introduction to a promising new addition to the Overwatch lineup, and helps round out the connections to the playable maps in game. Numbani is one of the few maps without much of a personal connection to the current heroes, outside of brief remarks connected to outside events, such as Winston being unimpressed with guarding the Doomfist gauntlet once again. The datamined assets of the broken payload and missing Doomfist had many people believing that Doomfist was soon to be announced, but it’s very possible it was just a set piece for a different story the devs want to tell.


Jeff Kaplan did mention in interviews that the next hero is not who we think it is, so perhaps Doomfist and the datamined assets are a red herring meant to build up the intro to a totally new hero on the scene. Efi did mention she was going on a trip at the end of her interview, and it’ll be interesting to see where she lands within the bigger story of Overwatch.

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