Name: Dorado

Type: Escort

Location: East coast of Mexico

Easter Eggs: In the market, there is a piñata that resembles Diablo from the franchise of the same name.

  • To the left of the second attackers’ spawn, there is Los Muertos graffiti identical to the graffiti in Hollywood.
  • In front of the town hall, there is a statue of Guillermo Portero, with a plaque that says “Presidente Guillermo Portero – Protector de México”
  • Near the final defenders’ spawn, there is a table with three folders on it, all marked “Clasificado”. One is marked “Jack Morrison”, another says “Soldado: 76”, and the last says “Sombra”.
  • In the final defenders’ spawn, there is a map of Mexico marked “Estado de Red Eléctrica”. Several towns are marked, including Dorado.