“But at last, the whole of Azeroth will break.”


With Ana’s release, the Heroes of the Storm team decided to give D.Va a new legendary and also gave other heroes a new, Overwatch themed look.


D.Va the Destroyer


D.Va the Destroyer is a brandnew legendary skin, referencing Deathwing from the Warcraft universe.

The skins different colour variations are themed after other dragon aspects from the game. A list follows below.



  • D.Va the Dreamer: Ysera, the green wyrm chosen to watch over the growing wilds of the Emerald Dream
  • D.Va the Life-Binder: Alexstrasza, the red leviathan chosen to safeguard all life on the world
  • D.Va the Destroyerlisk: A StarCraft themed colour variation, referencing the Zerg
  • D.Va the Spellweaver: Malygos, the blue leviathan chosen as the guardian of magic and hidden arcanum


Commandant Varian


Varian Wrynn, the fallen King of Stormwind, coming from the Warcraft universe got a new, Volskaya Industries themed skin in celebration of Volskaya’s and Ana’s release in Heroes of the Storm.




Sakura Auriel


Last but not least: Auriel, the Archangel of Hope, from the Diablo universe got 2 new colour variations to her Omnic-Themed Hanamura skin.



Like what you see? Check the skins out for yourself and tell me which one is your favourite!

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