Today I’m here to talk with Grace, or as she’s more commonly known: “Zonbi”. Thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with us. So, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi I’m Grace. You might know me as Zonbi. I’ve been cosplaying under the username “Zonbi” since I was about 15 years old! I’ve been making YouTube videos about cosplay and cosplay tutorials since 2010! I used to compete in cosplay contests, but now I love running, planning, and judging them. I love how many different crafts are required for cosplay. I’m constantly learning, challenging myself, and hungry for new skills. YouTube is a great outlet for me to show everyone what I’m learning in hope that it can help someone else.

When did you first realize you had a talent for cosplay?

When I was 15 I was planning to go to my first ever anime convention. A week before the con, my mom asked me, “You know people dress up in costumes for these things right? Want me to help you make a costume?” My mom helped me make my first ever costume which was Sakura from the anime Naruto. I was hooked and addicted to teaching myself new techniques ever since! My mom taking the time to teach me how to sew and make my first costume inspired me to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years with anyone willing to listen.

How long have you been into gaming? And what is your favorite of all time?

I’ve been gaming since I was about 6 years old. My favorite franchise is Metal Gear Solid.

What do you do besides cosplay?

I run a cosplay YouTube channel that features crafting tutorials, photo shoots, conventions, and all things cosplay related.

What made you want to become a Police Officer?

I love helping people, catching bad guys, and fighting evil.

What would be your dream project or projects be? 

I would love to make the caterpillar loader from Aliens.

How long do you picture yourself cosplaying for?

Probably forever!


We can’t thank Grace enough for taking time to sit down with us. You can find grace on twitter @Zzzonbi and on YouTube at ZonZonZonbi.

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Brady Spielman
Brady Spielman is a writer/animation enthusiast from Pennsylvania, and one of Omnic Core's community spotlightists. He's a gamer with titles such as Bioshock Infinite. Persona 4 and Destiny in his library, and enough dog pictures to keep the team motivated even during the slowest of days. With several years of writing experience and a lifetime of gaming behind him, Brady writes about the community and his favorite southern cowboy.