Welcome back to another week of Cosplaywatch! This week we are joined by cosplayer Pomdust!


So, who are you and what might we know you from?

My name is Jess! I’m 22 years old and cosplaying/prop making is my hobby 🙂 If I’m honest, you probably won’t know me from anything unless you follow me on social media as Pomdust or if you’ve seen me at a convention and gotten my picture.

What got you interested in cosplay?

I attended a convention about 3 years ago (not like comic con, more of a meet and greet kind of thing) and they had a superhero themed party one evening. I remember going all out on a Scarlet Witch costume for the party, figuring out how to make a head piece for her and bringing together all of the things that I would need to complete her cosplay. I had an amazing time at the party and I met so many people there I just couldn’t get enough of it. From then on I was always interested in cosplay and have started pursuing that interest more over the last year or so.

What has been your favourite cosplay that you’ve made?

As a fairly new cosplayer I have quite a limited selection! I would probably say the first cosplay I ever made, Scarlet Witch, has to be my favourite. I had no idea what I was doing but it still came out well and I was very proud of it. I think the next thing I am working on, Medic from TF2, might contest for favourite but we’ll have to see!

What has been the most challenging character to pull off? What made it difficult?

I have done a few testers as male characters before and I think they are hardest to pull off. It’s quite difficult making my face and body look more masculine so it poses quite a challenge.

What is your dream cosplay and why?

My dream cosplay is probably Mercy in her Imp skin. When I first started playing Overwatch I loved Mercy’s character so much and I played match after match trying to get loot boxes so that I could get her Imp skin! It would definitely be a huge project considering the entire thing would need to be made from scratch but I’m looking forward to it some time in the future.

What made you want to play Overwatch?

I was quite late to the Overwatch hype actually, I think Ana was already released and in the game by the time I bought it. I remember watching some of the animated shorts for the game on YouTube and I really loved the characters. After watching all of them I decided to go out and buy myself a copy!

Had you heard of Overwatch before you saw the cinematics?

Yes! I keep up with recent game releases anyway because they interest me so I usually know about all of the newest games that are in the making/being released.

What made you want to cosplay as Tracer and D.Va?

When I play Overwatch I’m a D.Va and Mercy main so I’ve always wanted to cosplay both of them. D.Va has been the easier of the two options which is why I decided to go for her first and I’ve left Mercy as a larger project for the future! As for Tracer, she was the first character I ever heard about, she’s kind of like the character at the forefront of the advertisement for Overwatch so I knew about her prior to the game. As a Brit myself, I also think Tracer is quite fitting!

How long did it take to make everything?

I didn’t make the entirety of each costume from scratch so it didn’t take a huge amount of time to get together. D.Va took the least amount of time because her suit is just one jumpsuit whereas Tracer’s is many pieces. Not to mention Tracer’s wig was quite time consuming to style properly!

What other Overwatch characters would you like to cosplay?

I’d love to cosplay Mercy as I’ve mentioned and I think I’d like to do a couple of her skins, not just her standard costume. I have been toying with the idea of cosplaying McCree as well but I’m not sure I could make myself look quite as masculine as he is (or pull off the accent!)


We can’t thank Jess enough for taking time out of her day to talk about cosplay with us. You can follow her on Instagram @pomdust and on Twitter @Pomdust.

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