This week on CosplayWatch we are joined by the lovely Ewenae, a cosplayer who seems to fit the role of almost any character she encounters.

So who are you and what might we known you from?

My name is Ewenae and I started cosplay in may 2014 .

What got you interested in cosplay?

It’s a little hard to answer, but I think I like create something amazing from the ground up.

What gives you inspiration to make such amazing outfits and props for your cosplay?

Mainly video games, but soon I am going to make a dress from the tv show, series: Reign. The dress of Mary Stuart is great! I really want to make this one more than anything at the moment.

What is your dream cosplay?

Currently, it’s dress of Mary Stuart from Reign. I’m totally a huge fan of the royal costumes!

What has been your favorite cosplay that you’ve done?

I like my Yrel and night elf. Due to their unique design and color scheme.

Is there someone who you look up to when it comes to cosplay?

Many cosplayers inspire me. Enayla cosplay for example! She has a great sense for details both big and small, and She creates more than the original design, she takes liberties and that’s where I want to go in my future with cosplay.

What has been the most challenging character to pull off? What made it difficult?

Widowmaker was by far the most difficult cosplay iv’e done. It was very difficult to make a full bodysuit! But I’m happy to have made it work out in the end. I also learned a lot about sewing and how to do it properly by doing this costume.

What made you want to cosplay as Widowmaker?

She was originally a suggestion by an OW player. I finally got interested in the character and the story behind her. She’s now become one of my favorites.

What made you want to play Overwatch?

I’m a big fan of World of Warcraft! I play shaman healer. Playing the healer has always been my favorite when it comes to classes.

Do you you play any other Blizzard games?

At the moment I only play World of Warcraft and Overwatch.

What other Overwatch character would you want to cosplay?

Hmmmmmm…I like Reaper and Genji a lot, but Maybe one day I’ll make  cosplays !


We can’t thank Ewenae enough for this opportunity to talk about her life career. you can follow her on twitter @Ewenae and and facebook @ewenae

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