This week on Cosplaywatch we are joined by Vensy! a prop maker/cosplayer who also streams on twitch.

So who are you and what might we know you from?

My name is Vensy! I’m a cosplayer, product designer, and streamer! I went to Otis College of Art and Design and majored in product design; I was the black sheep of my class because while everyone else was making furniture and *actual* products, I was more focused on expanding my skill set and growing my fabrication/prop portfolio. I’m most known by my League of Legends cosplays.

When did you start cosplaying? And what got you interested in cosplay?

I’ve been cosplaying for about ten years and I was first introduced to it when I went to my first Anime Expo 11 years ago! I thought it looked interesting, especially because I’ve been the artsy type my entire life.

What is your dream cosplay, and why?

My dream cosplay would probably be Vi from League of Legends. I’m a huge steam punk fan and I’m absolutely in love with Vi’s character design. One day I would LOVE to try to make her gauntlets, with moving gears and functional parts.

What has been the most challenging character to pull off? What made it difficult?

Probably my Black Rock Shooter Beast because the character design is extremely impractical when brought to reality. It was also my first time really getting hardcore into molding and casting so there’s that.

What made you want to cosplay as D.Va?

D.Va is a really fun character! She has a relatively simple design and I was able to bring together the costume from various sources. The suit was from Cospicky, the headset pucks and gun raw castings were from Obsydiann Props, and the headband of the headset was a model I got from Sunday Cosplay and printed and finished it myself. I actually had a lot of fun putting together the elements of the costume from different sources! (Instead of being stubborn about making everything from scratch.)

How long did it take to make everything for the D.Va cosplay?

Well, I didn’t make anything from “scratch”. Everything was sourced from someone who already was making and selling D.Va stuff. It took me about a week to sand, paint, and finalize the headset and gun from what I bought. (I could have done it faster but I was streaming it.)

What made you want to play Overwatch?

The character designs are really unique, but what really drew me in were the cinematics. I just wish there was more story involved in the game itself! A story mode or something perhaps. Not sure how that would work, though..

When did you first hear about the Overwatch cinematics?

I saw them at the first BlizzCon that overwatch was announced at.

Do you, or have you played any other blizzard games?

I was pretty addicted to World of Warcraft for quite some years. I call those the dark days.

How did you hear about Warcraft? 

My dad and I used to play Warcraft 3 together when I was a tiny baby.

Did you ever consider cosplaying as someone from Warcraft?

I’ve already cosplayed as Sylvanas, however I wasn’t very happy with how it turned out so I don’t really post about it much.

what other Overwatch character would you want to cosplay?

I actually plan on making Imp Mercy for Blizzcon and TwitchCon this year!


We’d like to thank Vensy for taking time to talk with us.

You can find her on Twitter @vensyprops, and on

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