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Small Patches

Originally Posted by Bill Warnecke (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
Hey there folks, we’ve had a few very small patches which are updates to the Overwatch.exe. We’ve been tracking down a particularly elusive memory bug, and as a result we’ve had more patches than normal.

These patches are only downloaded when you’re not in game, usually about 30M in size, and for the vast majority of players have no impact.



Penalties in Comp

Originally Posted by Drakuloth (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
Hey all,

Since the majority of this thread is related to feedback on the leaver system, I’m moving it to Competitive Discussion so that more of the community will see it and can contribute. Let’s try to keep leaver system feedback here, and reach out to us in Tech Support for help with your connections.

There aren’t any overarching server issues that are causing this at the time of this posting. This isn’t to say that we never have hiccups on our end, but we post on twitter and on the website’s breaking news whenever we can about server problems/connection issues near us. The servers are constantly being monitored to prevent this kind of issue as much as possible. Usually after some investigation for these kinds of disconnections or failure to connect to games, we find some problem with your local configuration or the internet path between you and our servers. If you want help troubleshooting the core cause of your disconnections so that you can avoid this in the future, submit a ticket to work directly with our support, or create your own post on the Tech Support Forums.

Note that we do not reimburse ranking or remove suspensions for leaver penalties. Whether or not the problem is in your control, leaving the game for any reason affects the play experience of other players.
This post provides a bit more insight on the philosophy behind how we treat leavers in general, and why it’s the penalties are the same for technical issues.


Health Packs in 3v3

Originally Posted by Jeff Kaplan (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
We tried the mode with health packs originally and it caused a lot of fleeing behavior that felt contrary to what elimination is all about. We tried having them on fast respawn, slow respawn as well as no respawn but it always felt like the health packs were too much of a primary gameplay driver rather than the pure combat which feels like what the mode should be focused on.

With that said, we plan to add health pack options to Custom Game so that you can enable them for elimination modes. If we see that the community is playing a high amount of elimination Custom Games with those health packs enabled, we’ll reconsider our stance.

Also, coming soon… we are redoing the “sudden death” mechanic in elimination to prevent fleeing and turtling and reduce the number of draws. More info on that will be revealed soon.


Custom Games

Originally Posted by Jeff Kaplan (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
For Uprising, we had two stretch goals:

One was to allow “All Heroes” to play the event. It might not seem hard but there were a lot of edge case/bug fixes for us to handle.

The other goal was to put Uprising into Custom Game during the event. There were enough challenges technically with doing this that we ended up not achieving this goal.

We might someday make Seasonal Events available when the events are not running, but for now, it’s not a priority due to the technical challenge. We also do like keeping the events rare and special… (I know people hate when I say that…)

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