Cheers Love, the Calvary’s Queer!

Today, Blizzard has released the comic Reflections just in time for the holiday season to be at its craziest, and who other than Tracer to be here, queer, and ready to show the community that love is in the air regardless of whom you are?

With shops closing and crimes rising, Tracer’s on a time limit to find a gift for her loved one and come home safely before her chronal accelerator runs out of juice! She’s able to clean up conflict, but she sacrifices her chance to nab a gift – bringing her into a slump initially.

Though, it’s Christmas, and everyone seems to be giving – even those that she’s willing to help.

When Tracer comes home its revealed that she has a girlfriend by the name of Emily, and lo and behold did the gift she receives makes their Christmas work out in the end.

Naturally, Twitter blew up, and even as I write this the Trends on the website are phenomenal!

The idea of a queer Tracer has blown up, but can you blame them? LGBT issues rise on a day-to-day basis, and people want something they can relate to. Something that tells people that they are okay with being who they are?

Thread creator Trinz doesn’t hesitate to show gratitude either, even if complaints are abudant.

Neither do commenters on Facebook.

To some it may not seem like a big deal, or it might seem like a topic that’s talked about too much, but this reputation is important! For starters, this is Blizzard taking their face character – the one whom everyone sees and talks about – and announcing to the world that she’s gay and she’s proud to be so. On top of that, let’s not forget that Overwatch won a Game of the Year award and is considered a Triple-A game by audiences far and wide.

Tracer is the second confirmed to be queer character in a game like this, the first being Ellie from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us (and that game alone has over 200 GOTY awards)!

This is big, and this small exchange in the comic is hitting home. This is Blizzard practically screaming to the world that they really don’t care about their title protagonist being who they are. Love is love, folks!

The full comic can be found here, and has more in store for those whom are interested in what some of the other Heroes are doing!

Happy Holidays, folks, and make sure to spend it with those whom you love and care for!


Thank you to fey for the sweet title idea, and alstor for the information concerning The Last of Us!

Robyn Urbina
I'm a Junior attending university with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in Sociology. I aspire to be a fantasy author, but watching and taking note on how people interact in the world is pretty great, too! The eSports community is no different.