Match Draws

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I would rather get waffle stomped than waste another 20 minutes of my life in a draw. Maybe it’s just me but they seem to happen way too often. Attacker almost always has the advantage and with the new respawn delay for defenders its even easier now to push the attack. At least once a day I get a game where both teams just roll on through and then take the first point but don’t have enough time to even attempt the second point and yawn another draw.

20 minutes of my life wasted with no gain or loss.

Ya ya I know, still got xp, I don’t care, it feels horrible to fight so hard and the game basically says it was a wash. Why is this a thing, there are no ties in mainstream sports or any other competitive video game that I can think of. Why is it so rampant here?

We have changes coming to the PTR very soon. These changes will greatly diminish the number of draws. More details inc. extremely soon.


what about capture the flag?

We’re also working on reducing Capture the Flag draws and elimination draws but those changes are further out.

Mystery Hero Feedback

Originally Posted by Jeff Kaplan (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
Thanks for the feedback on Mystery Heroes. We were talking about it today, actually. We have some clean up that we want to do to the mode eventually. Obviously, we want to remove the “assemble your heroes” moment — we were restricted by old tech on this but now have the ability to fix this. We also want to prevent self-inflicted eliminations from allowing you to change heroes. As for ultimates, we keep going back and forth on this one. Part of what feels so impactful about the mode is that an elimination is very meaningful… and an ultimate is more of a special occasion. But it definitely feels off to us when you roll the same hero twice and lose that ultimate charge.

We’ll keep discussing it and try some things out. Hopefully, the fixes are not too far off. It’s definitely not our highest priority issue, but we love the mode and know how much you guys do too. Keep the feedback coming!t

Character Bios in Gallery

Last week Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu mentioned that they are looking to add more information to the Hero Gallery.

Originally Posted by Michael Chu (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
We’re actively working on getting character biographies and story information displayed in-game. We have some different ideas about how to do this, and you’ll probably see the results rolling out little by little in future patches. Ideally, we’d love for you to be able to get most of this information in the game, so it’s something we’ll continue to work towards.
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