REVIEW: Uprising

Blizzard has started 2017 out with a plethora of new content for its up and coming competitive game, Overwatch. From new heroes like Orisa, to the alluded to event and...
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Efi Oladele: Genius, Inventor, New Hero?

Atlas News interview with young Numbani inventor may have just shaken up who the next hero for release may be.

The Story Must Go On

Is there an Overwatch World Guide in the works?

Possible Doomfist clue datamined?

Blizzard has recently patched the PTR sever with a bunch of new changes. The one many are talking about is an image hidden away in the files of the patch...
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D’Va May Be More Real Than You Think!

Hana Song (a.k.a. D’VA) has a special place in hearts of Overwatch players, and not without a reason: young, beautiful, playful and a fellow gamer on top of that –...
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What a Wonderful World – Episode 2: South America

Analyzing Overwatch's use of one of the worlds largest continents.

Eichenwalde, The Crusaders & The Last Bastion: Precision German Engineering

Here's a breakdown of all the things that we have seen from the Overwatch presentation at Gamescom.

The Complexities of Volskaya’s Cultural Depictions

A detailed look at visual design of Zarya's home map.

Experiencing Tranquility: an Overwatch Parallel to Buddhism

A look into Zenyatta, Mondatta, the Shambali, and their connection to Buddhism

Out of Shadows: the Search for Sombra

Was that easy? Well, now that I have your attention, allow me to make things much more difficult...