Streaming vs. Pro Playing: Seagull’s Choice

Seagull has been without a doubt, one of the most prominent players of Overwatch since launch. After playing Team Fortress 2 in the professional scene, he carried over to the...
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2017 Overwatch World Cup Goes Global

In a little under a year, Blizzard has brought Overwatch onto the world stage not once but twice with the announcement of the second Overwatch World Cup. The World Cup...
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Former Misfits GM Builds New Team: Laser Kittenz

A common theme throughout 2017 has been the shifting scale of the Overwatch eSports scene as teams dissolve and rebuild into new organizations and combinations. Trailblazing organizations have undergone major...
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Bench Boys Benched: TwoEasy Quits

TwoEasy has done it again and quit his own organization. Since his debut on 2015 with Fnatic, the Dutch player can not seem to stay put. After abandoning Fnatic on...
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Blizzard Hitting the Road to Find Franchise Owners

At Blizzcon in November, Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Morhaime announced an ambitious project to launch a developer-run esports league around its newest title, Overwatch. The announcement may not have been...
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(r)eUnited Back in Action

As of 2pm CST, the former REUNITED team found a new home with the multi-platform organization, Announced via their twitter earlier today, four of the original REUNITED members come...
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