Earlier this evening a new build went out for the Battle.net desktop app. This build included some bug fixes but its major talking point was a new feature: Suggested Friends. Through a variety of new methods, players are able to find new friends to add to their Battle.net’s friends list. Suggested Friends show up on the bottom of your friends list. If you’re not interested in this information, you can easily disable it by going into your Battle.net desktop app settings as show in the tweet below. How are these people suggested to you though?

Facebook Friend Finder is the first of these new methods. By linking your Facebook account to your Battle.net account, players will be able to find their Facebook friends to connect with and add as friends.

Recently Played With is currently only live in Diablo 3, but there are plans to expand it to other Blizzard games. This list is populated by players whom you have not yet friended and are gathered from recent games.

It is the last of these new tools that has some Twitter users concerned about privacy, the Mutual Friends (Friends of Friends). This displays new friend suggestions in the Suggested Friends section. These suggestions display the RealID of users, and for a lot of people today, there is no desire to share that information outside of trusted sources. Blizzard has made it possible to disable this information as well, allowing you to protect your own privacy.

It’s good that Blizzard took the step in creating these tools to allow users to opt out and not participate in the new social finder. However, it should have been a choice to opt in to begin with and the tools should be more actively advertised. Many users may not know about their existence, and in a day and age where people easily come under fire, many of us value the few locks we have in being able to protect our identities.

We here at Omnic Core want to help our visitors remain informed and not just about Overwatch.

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